Zaine Skin 5-in-1 Herbal Whitening Soap Review

In my search for safe and non-harsh treatment for my facial pimples, I came across the Zaine Skin 5 in 1 Herbal Whitening Soap at one of the malls in Quezon City. I am not a fan of beauty products, much more the organic ones, but since I badly want to eliminate the marks and consistent appearance of new pimples on my face, I decided to try this out.

The Zaine Skin 5 in 1 Herbal Whitening Soap is worth 260 pesos per pack and contains 12 rectangular pieces of bar soap. As per the saleslady’s explanation to me of this product, it does micro-peel the dead/old skin on the face. Results may vary per user, but the effect on the skin may appear after 7 days of use.

The Zaine Skin 5 in 1 Herbal Whitening Soap boasts itself as a single soap that provides 5 benefits to those who use it: anti-wrinkles, anti-aging, anti-pimples, acts as a moisturizer, and skin whitener.

I used the 5 in 1 whitening bar soap for 6 days and stopped since I found the Kojic Acid Facial Set by Dr. Alvin.

I’d leave a mini-review for the Zaine Skin 5 in 1 Herbal Whitening Soap though just so you’d know how my use turned out or if you are interested to try it out:


  • it is not harsh on the skin. No stringent or burning feeling.
  • It makes your face skin soft and “moisturized”
  • it smells pleasant.
  • it does not easily melt.


  • pimple breakout (I read somewhere that the breakout is the soap’s way of “cleansing” your skin inside out. It removes the dirt embedded from within, thus the pimples)
  • you get to be more oily. (It’s the oily-but-not-shiny feeling, though)
  • prone to sticking dust, or any microparticle, thus the texture of the soap becomes a bit rough.

I think this can be used by people who stay at home, do not get exposed on the dirty streets and do not face or interact with a lot of people (pimples are a bit untidy and unpleasant to look at as we all know.). :p

That’s all! Bye!

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