Which one is better? Globe GCash Beep Card or PayMaya card?

It is interesting that the top telecommunications companies in the country, Globe and Smart, have been rivals as well in other products. Globe has Gcash beep card, which I have since late last year, while Smart has PayMaya. I have obtained the latter just last month.

Now that I have the physical cards for both, and was able to use it in different (local) transactions, I can’t help but compare the two.

Application and activationGcash can be applied and activated in any Globe Centers or Gcash beep cards booths in malls. Application and activation can last up to 10-20 minutes. The card is available the same day of application.Self-service. Application and purchase are done via the Paymaya website. The card is delivered within 5-7 business days.
Mobile integrationGcash account is linked to the mobile number. Credit can be accessed using the card, the app and the SIM Gcash option.PayMaya account is linked to the mobile number. Credit can be accessed through the PayMaya app.
Global payment carrierMasterCardVisa
Features and FunctionsFunctions such as beep card for MRT/LRT and ATM withdrawal are already activated upon initial application for the card.An UPGRADE must be requested in order for your account/card to be allowed to be used for ATM withdrawal. As per +PayMaya Philippines, beep Paymaya beep cards are not yet available.
Securitynon-EMV enabled (EDIT: the new EMV GCash beep card is now available)EMV-enabled card
Expirationexpires after 5 yearsexpires after 4 years
Physical card featurescard number, cardholder’s name and the MasterCard logo are conspicuous on the front part of the cardInstead of the cardholder’s   name, the CARD ID number is printed on the card together with the card number and VISA logo
Interbank networkMegalinkVISA Plus / BancNet
Physical card functionSwipe, sign and go. Functions as a typical debit card.When used as a debit card, amount debited stays in floating status for a certain period of time, until the merchant confirms receipt of the amount (update shows on the transaction history in the mobile app).
Paypal>I need to verify this<Yes

VERDICT: Both cards serve the same purpose: for users to enjoy shopping, dining, send money, pay bills and other transactions that may not require the use of physical money. So far, I think I’d stick with using my GCash beep card more often than my Paymaya, as my GCash beep card’s beep and ATM withdrawal functions are already activated, while I need to schedule a video call for those features to be activated in my Paymaya card. I have not had any issue with using the Gcash, while I panicked a bit when I tried to use Paymaya to do my grocery shopping, the cashier clerk almost did not accept the card even if it has VISA and my signature on it. 🙂

11/09/2016 PS: I upgraded my Paymaya just now. It took 30 minutes for the upgrade to be completed. Pfft. I did it in one Bayad Center near my office. Several factors affected the delay of the upgrade, plus, the BC staff does not know the answer to my questions regarding the upgrade.

EDIT 09/01/2017: As I often use a smart SIM card more than a Globe one, I chose to use Paymaya and deactivate my GCash. Never had a problem with Paymaya after the upgrade request. I get to load my mobile phone and others using the app and pay my bills quickly. 🙂

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