Where can I get a PSA copy of my birth certificate?

The PSA copy of the birth certificate has been a primary requirement particularly for processing certain important documents that require validation of your name and citizenship. I used to have the certified true copy of my birth certificate from the local civil registry, however, I learned that it somehow bear less credibility since the PSA copy is more preferred now.

If not for a plan to apply for a passport, I would not consider getting a PSA birth certificate, but I requested a copy nevertheless.

Taking advantage of the use of the Internet and online application, I learned about two ways to obtain a PSA birth certificate: one is through the NSOHelpline-Teleserv website and the other one is through the e-Census website (now called PSA Serbilis portal*).

Notice that the photo has two birth certificates with two different statistics agencies logos? I got the one with NSO logo three years ago, but since the NSO is now abolished and a new agency has been formed, named Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the new birth certificates will be marked with the PSA logo. The one with PSA logo was delivered to me yesterday.

How to get and PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate through PSAHelpline (Teleserv)***

How to get a PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate through PSA Serbilis portal

***On January 9, 2020 the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and Teleserv have put up announcements regarding the termination of their partnership in providing civil registry documents. All requests for documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and CENOMAR will be received and processed by PSA through their PSA Serbilis website

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