Ways to Pay for Your Monthly Dues to NEW APEC HOMES

UPDATE (10 JULY 2022): NEW APEC HOMES has released a new payment portal. 

If you availed of a low-cost residential property from real estate developer NEW APEC HOMES, there are multiple ways to pay for the dues required for you to complete and push through the processing and building of your residential property.

During my orientation as a new homebuyer, here are the payment channels NEW APEC HOMES recommended to be able to settle monthly dues and payments for equity, amortization and utilities.

To be able to pay using any of these, you need to do the payment using NEW APEC HOMES’ payment portal online. 

How to pay NEW APEC HOMES via Gcash

How to pay NEW APEC HOMES via 7-11 Cliqq and 7-11 Network Philippines (I don’t know what the difference between the two is)

How to pay NEW APEC HOMES via BDO Online

How to pay NEW APEC HOMES via SM Bills Payment

How to pay NEW APEC HOMES via MLhuillier

How to pay NEW APEC HOMES via Cebuana

Other payment options that I found:

How to pay NEW APEC HOMES via Paymaya app

How to pay NEW APEC Homes via PNB app

How to pay NEW APEC Homes via AUB Hello Money app

How to pay NEW APEC Homes via Metrobank Over-The-Counter

How to pay NEW APEC Homes via Metrobank Online Banking App (what I use and my best choice)

What’s the advantage of using NEW APEC HOMES’ payment portal? It’s convenient and is basically a one-stop payment facility for the most common and accessible payment options to its customers. Also, it’s has your profile and payment dashboard.

What’s the disadvantage of using the NEW APEC HOMES’ payment portal? They charge extra for service and transaction fees in exchange for your payment convenience. There are transactional fees yet the payment will still take some time (within 7 banking days) to be posted because all of these are third-party channels.

This is posted on their payment channel.

I pay NEW APEC HOMES Php3065.60 per month for the equity but had I used any of the payment options above through their online portal, I will be charged extra (check out the list below) for every payment made. If my computation is correct, one will be charged between 1% to roughly 5% for every payment depending on which payment channel the payor will use. 

*computed through the NEW APEC Homes Online Portal with payment pegged at Php3065.60 per transaction.

Call me kuripot but this is one of the reasons why I choose the Metrobank mobile banking app. I can set the recurring payment schedule for the whole period of the equity payment, and I don’t need to pay a service fee for using the bills payment facility, I am notified via email and through the transaction history in the app that my payment was made and has been successfully debited. Saves me money from extra charges, saves me time, one less bill to think about because it’s deducted automatically from my account. Based on the payment matrix of my previous payments that NEW APEC HOMES showed me, they receive the payment within the same day on a weekday and on the next banking day after if the payment is made on the weekend.

Apart from Metrobank banking app, I am unable to verify if bills payment is free for the other banking apps mentioned above. I don’t have accounts with them so I can’t check. If anybody who reads this blog post knows, share the info in the comment section so I can add it to the list. However, if you use online banking to pay your monthly dues, posting may occur within the day or the following day.

Choose whatever is convenient for you but remember the extra charges. I hope this blog post helped you to have an insight into the extra fees you may need to pay on top of your payment. 

The selling agent shared the information below with me. If ever you have concerns, try to reach out to APEC Homes via the channels below:

Magandang araw!

Patuloy tayong nagsusumikap sa APEC Homes para mas mapabuti ang serbisyo sa ating mga buyers at homeowners. Kaya naman masayang ipinapaalam sa lahat ang paglulungsad ng Contact Center na bahagi ng APEC Homes Helpdesk.

Simula sa Martes – March 15, 2022, para sa mga inquiries, maaari tayong tumawag sa hotline sa numerong (02) 8 682 8080.

Handa tayong magbigay assistance sa mga buyers and homeowners na tatawag sa ating Contact Center, Lunes hanggang Biyernes, 9AM – 4PM.

Maraming salamat po.

APEC Homes Helpdesk: csr@apechomes.com

(02) 8 682 8080

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  1. Hi im planning to use metrobank online banking as well can you please explain what to put BILL REF NUMBER? Hope this message reach you. Thanks

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