Voluntary Member? Pay your SSS loan in three ways!

I am currently paying for my first-ever SSS salary loan applied as a voluntary member. People who are employed in a company won’t have much hassle doing this as the company/HR department will handle this for them. However, people who are not employed in a company have to do the payments on their own.

I am three months into paying my salary loan from SSS and in those three months, I tried three different ways of paying for the loan.

Before that though, make sure you have an accomplished SSS member loan payment form called MONTHLY (Salary Loan/Calamity/Educational/Emergency/Stock Investment Loan) PAYMENT RETURN form. You have to furnish 3 copies of these.

Download the form 

The sections mark in red must be filled out before submitting all three copies when you are about to pay for the loan.

1. Pay your SSS loan at the SM Consumer Desk booth. One copy of the three forms will be returned to you, including the receipt of your transaction.

2.  Pay your SSS loan at the SSS branch itself. Ask for the member loan payment return form and fill it out with the necessary information. Queue in the payments section and submit your forms and payments.

3. Pay your SSS loan at a Bayad Center. You can either use the SSS loan payment form or fill out a payment form at the Bayad Center. I arrived at the Bayad Center with my loan payment form, and they accepted it. It’s better if you pay a “rounded off” amount so the cashier won’t have a hard time finding you change.

In any of these three ways that you pay your SSS loan, the form/receipt will be machine-validated. If you have an online account registered at the SSS website, it may take 3-5 working days before the payment reflects on your statement of account. Keep all your receipts!

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