Virtual Pag-IBIG: HDMF’s Online Portal To Serve You Better

I recently came across the newly launched online portal by PAG-IBIG (also known as Home Development Mutual Fund or HDMF), called Virtual Pag-IBIG where a Pag-IBIG member can check and pay member contributions, member savings, housing loans and multi-purpose loans remitted to and borrowed from PAG-IBIG.

Through Virtual Pag-IBIG, it seems that Pag-IBIG is now doing its best to go-digital and make use of technology to make their services easily accessible to its members anytime, anywhere. I have been waiting for this improvement from their end for a long time now, as I, as a member, would like to at least be able to check my contributions and savings on my own without the hassle of going to Pag-IBIG offices or requesting documentation whatsoever.

I have registered myself to access Virtual Pag-IBIG last week, and while it has already been officially launched and ready to be used, the tool may still need further development as member contributions, details, etc. have not been fully migrated and displayed in the tool.

Here’s what you can see and do in the Virtual Pag-IBIG portal.

View your Pag-IBIG mandatory contributions

You may view your contributions by year through the portal. It details employee and employer share of contributions, the month it covered and which company you worked for has remitted the payment. It also provides the reference number for the said remittance.

View your Member Savings or MP2

MP2 or the Modified Pag-IBIG Savings II is different from the mandatory contribution being deducted from one’s monthly salary. It has its own account number as well.

View your housing loan, calamity loan, and multi-purpose loan payments and balance

The Virtual Pag-IBIG displays details on your current housing or calamity loans and multi-purpose loans, balances, the date the loan has been approved, the amortization period as well as the monthly amortization payment.

Pay Online using your credit or debit card

Pag-IBIG members may avoid queueing in long lines at payment centers to pay for their dues and may take advantage of paying through Virtual Pag-IBIG using credit cards or debit cards instead. Virtual Pag-IBIG has its online payment sections where a member can pay for their voluntary contributions, loans, and savings. At the moment, as advertised on the website, only Paymaya users, Visa, Mastercard or JCB cardholders may use the online payment facility. 

Link your PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus

If you have the new PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus (the one with the EMV chip and is already linked to a Unionbank or Asia United Bank account), you may register and link the card on your Virtual Pag-IBig account. The Pag-IBIG Loyalty card offers discounts, promos and other perks that members may avail of.

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