Trying out the Beauche Skin Care Set

✋✋✋ Hi!!!

I feel like it’s been a while since I had written something on my blog (when in fact it’s been just 10 days. Pfft.) Anyway, I just want to show you guys what I bought at the mall a few days ago.

I just got myself a Beauche Skin Care Set! This has been suggested to me by a cousin many times, years ago. She’s the same person who told me to try the Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating set.

The package contains six beauty products that need to be used in daytime and night time.

I am hesitant to buy this since it is too expensive for a monthly skin care and because my skin is too picky and sensitive on skin care products, it might not work for me (sayang pera). But alas! I decided to get one pack and give it a try.

The Beauche Skin Care Set consists of a bottle of skin toner, a bottle of clarifying solution, three small jars of exfoliating cream, age eraser cream and rejuvenating cream. There is also a kojic beauty bar soap. This is worth 750 pesos in the mall.

You might have stumbled upon my previous skin care post about Dr. Alvin’s Melasma Set. Unfortunately, I did not have a working camera at the time that I was using the set on my face, that’s why I was not able to document the development of my skin during the 30 days of use.

I decided to switch though and give another product a try. I skipped using anything on my face for two straight weeks, and I might start using the Beauche Skin Care Set soon. 🙂

*Skin types of users of beauty products  vary from one user to another. Please be cautious on using skin care products. Discontinue using if irritation of the skin occurs.

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