The New Chili Cheese Chicken From KFC

I am a sucker for dairy–cheese, eggs, and milk. But I enjoy eating cheese-dipped, or cheese-filled food more than the latter two. I don’t mind if it’s the pasosyal food from a fine dining restaurant or the bread with mini cheese cubes from the nearby panaderia, as long as there’s cheese in there, I’d go for it!

I dropped by a KFC for dinner, the most recent in a long time that I have not eaten chicken and I have not eaten anything from KFC. I found a new part of the menu (of course it’s still chicken), the new Chili Cheese Chicken. This is a rice meal, complete with soup and drink in which your favorite KFC fried chicken is dipped in creamy cheese sauce (I’m salivating as I write this) with chili bits.

The meal is a chicken rice and chili cheese chicken pair, however, since I went to KFC almost closing time, they did not have the chicken rice anymore, so I ended up with the plain rice instead.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I really am not into food photography especially if there are a lot of people around me.

Anyway, I am giving this new KFC offering two thumbs up, kasi grabe, ang sarap! It did not go too salty despite the cheese coating. It’s hotness and spiciness were just enough to keep you pumped up to enjoy your meal. I bet this tastes better if I had the chicken rice instead of the plain rice, pero pwede na din. 

A tip: Better get an upsized drink, more for panlaban-anghang. 😃😃😃😃

EDIT: Can’t help it, I ordered it the next day. This time with the chicken rice. 😂😂😂😂

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