The Brow Studio gives my eyebrows some TLC!

For the life of me, I really am not the girly type; the one who will spend stuff on herself to make her look pretty. But in times when insecurity kicks in and occasions when physical appearances matter, I can’t deny that some lavishing on beauty needs is a must.

So, tada! I started with my eyebrows. My manager mentioned once that she used to go to this shop at SM mall where they trim, design and clean your eyebrows to maintain it beautifully-shaped. With the cajoling of an officemate, we asked our manager for the name of the shop, and there it was The Brow Studio.

Due to the boredom the holiday gave me earlier today, I decided to go out and walk around SM Fairview. I looked for The Brow Studio. (according to their Facebook page, they have a branch there). For those who are interested to go to the SM Fairview branch, they are in the basement area of the mall. The escalator near the mall’s activity center is the one you need to take in order to get there. Unfortunately, the branch has clients waiting for their turn to have their eyebrows done when I arrived, and it will take a while before I get my turn. I left The Brow Studio and just walk all around the mall again.

The Brow Studio
5th Floor, The Block
SM City North EDSA

I remembered that The Brow Studio also has a branch at SM North EDSA. Located at the 5th floor of SM The Block, the Brow Studio here is a bit smaller (I think) than the one at SM Fairview but despite that, I also saw some girls already sitting and waiting for their turn to have them serviced.

I noticed that most of the clientele were advised of a waiting time of 30 to 40 minutes, as there are only three service areas to accommodate the guests. I myself came in at 5:35, but I got attended to at 6:05 pm.

I have no idea what to do with my eyebrows, all I know is that I want it cleaned and be shapen. I have never invested so much in my physical appearance. As long as I look decent and tidy, I am already fine with it. But because I promised that before the year ends that I will unleash the woman inside me, I do some pampering of myself. Starting with my face. Hehe.

So, my brow technician, Tin asked me what brow style do I want. I was not sure what to say so I just told her that I don’t want my brows to be totally thinned. I still want the thickness maintained but with just a slight curve. I also informed her that I have no idea what girls do with their brows to make it the way it is, so I let her decide the best eyebrow shape for me. Just to give you an idea of how my eyebrows looked like for the last two years:

I chose to go for the Brow Design service as it includes “assessing, reshaping and discovering the perfect arch for my facial features”. So the process starts. I laid in that curved couch. She wiped something on my eyes which she said was powder, “for those who have oily skin,” she said. And then she prepared the threads she will be using for the shaping. She warned me that it will hurt a little. I closed my eyes and then she started to pull the threads on my brow. The threading at the upper part did not hurt that much, but the one under the eyebrows did. Tin made some tweaking and trimming on my brows using a pair of tweezers and scissors, too. She said that it’s a little difficult to fix my eyebrows given that they are uneven in thickness and length. Yes, they are (one is short but thick, while the other is long and thin). But she also said that eyebrows are naturally uneven so it’s okay (I just acquiesced, but is it true?). she left me to check myself in the mirror every once in a while to see what she has made. The threading caused redness around my eyebrows although the pain is somehow tolerable. I was satisfied seeing my brows get a shape and downward curve at the tips. After around 15 to 20 minutes:

I did not ask for my eyebrows to be thinned too much as I have experienced before that too thin eyebrow make me look too old or make my mouth look wider. I do not know how to explain it, but yeah, the way my eyebrows were made affects my whole face. When I said I was okay with my new eyebrow shape, Tin reminded me to not wet my face within four hours while she applies some kind of cream on my eyebrows. According to her, it is necessary to close the pores that got opened during the pulling of the threads. She also reminded me that maintaining the eyebrow shape must be done every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the curves and avoid the excess hair protruding around the eyebrows. Also, she handed me a note of reminders on what to do after the process and how I can maintain the eyebrow shape myself.

She only drew the left brow since she said it needs a “rehab”. It was the short but thick one, and I need to grow it or adjust the length by putting eyebrow liner to balance its length with my right brow.

It was my first time in Brow Studio, so I did not expect much. All I need is to get that first-hand experience of the service. And so I was satisfied. Will I return to have my eye brows maintained? We will see. I might try their other waxing and threading services!

For those who are interested to try out The Brow Studio’s brow threading and other waxing services, I found myself a copy of their latest price list:

Eyebrow studio service price list

For updates and more information about The Brow Studio, you may check their Facebook page.

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