SJCAM SJ4000 Wi-Fi in my hands!

I just got myself an SJCAM 4000 Wifi last week. I am not fond of having too many gadgets, as my laptop and mobile phone will suffice. But I welcome the SJCAM 4000 Wifi with open arms! Hehe.

I tried to search for information about the SJCAM 4000 Wifi over the internet, particularly its debut date in the Philippines, but to no avail. I assume this is already a passe release (since there is a new product line which are the SJ5000 series and SJ6), but is still a bit hot alternative in the market of action camera devices where GoPro takes the largest market share.


Let’s see first what’s in the package:

From left to right:

  • waterproof case
  • spare back case for audio recording
  • clip
  • Protection frame
  • 2 pieces of straps
  • 2 brand stickers
  • Base
  • Bicycle mount
  • switch connectors 1
  • the SJCAM 4000 Wifi
  • Switch connector 2
  • 3M sticker
  • Helmet base
  • USB cable cord
  • Fixed base
  • adapter
  • Switch connector
  • SJCAM Manual
  • Wiper cloth

I have not used the SJCAM 4000 Wifi in action particularly its underwater photo capturing capabilities as I don’t have vacation plans yet. I did test its features in common areas though. I checked for the video and image quality, audio and power. It typically lasted for 1.5 hours to me on a looped video capture.

Here are the results.

In a low light/non-natural lighting

<I am unable to retrieve a backup of the actual test video since I migrated my blog to WordPress, so no test video is available.>

I am not a tech girl of any sorts, so don’t expect a very technical discussion of this gadget from this blog. :p. But let me just point out the basic thumbs up and thumbs down that I, as a common user, have observed from this device.


Affordable – SJCAM SJ4000 Wifi is less than 5000Php in the market (might be lesser if it’s not mall price). 

Decent image and video quality – at 12megapixels, for the price of 5000Php, I don’t think you are in the losing situation. 

Accessories – Once you buy the package, you are already offered an 18-piece mount and adhesives plus, although it looks like a poor man’s GoPro device, the accessories you can utilize for the SJ4000 Wifi are widely available and compatible with GoPro accessories.


Audio – Audio is bad when recording without the case. But it is worse when you have the camera inside the waterproof case. The waterproof case muffles sounds from the outside except for some bumps and shakes nearby the camera. The spare back cover with open sides, although it offers space so that sound can reach the camera’s microphone, is still not enough to capture recorded audio. I have yet to test this device on sea or any water activities, thus I am not sure how it will capture sound in situations like that.  

Lags – I encounter occasional lags from the device, especially when switching from video to camera after capturing a short clip. 

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