Shop, Earn Points, Get Rewards Using BPI AMORE Visa Card

I got a BPI Ayala Malls AMORE Visa Card! I already have too many prepaid and debit cards. In fact, I think I have all the prepaid cards that are heavily advertised in the media.

However, I decided to ditch some of the cards and stick to only three that I think will provide me great benefits and perks in the long term. And one of these is the BPI Ayala Malls AMORE Visa Card. (However, I need to “test” this card first and see how convenient it is compared to the rest of my cards. Otherwise, this will get ditched, too. Hehe.)

I decided to apply for one as the card offers perks that I, as a cashless transaction fanatic, find rewarding.

I applied for my AMORE Visa Card on October 12. I did the application through the application link provided at the Ayala Malls Facebook page. You can also apply for one through the Amore page at the BPI Cards website. While it is convenient to get the AMORE Visa Card instantly from Ayala Malls, it would be a bit difficult as well because only select Ayala Malls can accommodate card application and issuance. So better choose to claim your card at a Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch near you.

On October 24, I got a notification via text message that my AMORE Visa Card is ready for pickup. Unfortunately, it took another week before I get to do so. But I got it without any problems. So here it is:

Upon claiming, I registered my card through text, as per the instruction from the letter included in my card kit. It will take one to two days before I get my card activated.

Because of this, I also postponed loading it up with some cash, until the activation has been confirmed. I already registered my card to the AmoRewards, though. Registering it to the AmoRewards will allow the cardholder to earn points for every purchase he/she does using the AMORE Visa Card at any Ayala Malls or any establishment that accepts VISA.

Why did I apply for an AMORE Visa Card?

  • I want to organize my budget properly. My savings go to one card, my bills payment to another, and my expenses to my AMORE Visa Card.
  • Whenever I am at the mall, I do cashless transactions. I buy food, I pay with my VISA card. I buy at the department store, I pay using my card. Using the AMORE Visa is so apt for this habit of mine. And it also offers points for every 200 pesos I spend, which I can eventually use to avail discounts for movie tickets and exclusive access to Ayala Malls events. And I frequent Ayala Malls more than any other shopping malls.
  • I chose to get the beep version. While I don’t often ride the MRT and LRT, the beep feature can still be considered a value-add feature of the card.
  • The card bears my name, adding authority to my ownership of the card, unlike other prepaid cards that you get to use instantly.

What are the Pros and Cons of using the AMORE Visa Card?

Well, the main one that this card cannot do compared to my other debit and prepaid cards is it cannot be used to withdraw money (but that’s the point of card/cashless transaction, ayt? No use of physical cash). Anything else, I have yet to discover.

I have yet to use it. I will update this blog with additional information.


EDIT: 11/05 I tried to reload via SM Bills payment, the transaction did not push through as I was told there was a problem in my account. I don’t have a BPI account, so my only option for reloading is either through SM Bills Payment or through the over-the-counter transaction. (minus 1 point)

12/25 First time to use it as a beep card when I rode the BGC bus. I did not encounter a problem. It is easy to top it up, but expect to pay extra 5-10 pesos if you reload it at beep stores other than the beep machine in the LRTs/MRTs.

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