Shelves Empty? Where to Order Essential Goods Online

The pandemic COVID-19 has affected all people worldwide. Everyone is encouraged to as much as possible stay at home to avoid getting infected or infecting somebody else with the coronavirus. People can only go outdoors for important matters, such as going to the supermarket or groceries to bulk-buy house necessities during window hours. I have tried this, but unlucky to get to the grocery store only to see shelves almost always empty. So, instead of risking going outdoors and have unnecessary social interaction, finding almost nothing on the grocery shelves, I have decided to get all the things I need by buying them online.

Here are the online stores that I have purchased my basic necessities from during this time of nationwide enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). I recommend them based on the personal experience I had in terms of product quality, customer service, and delivery.

Session Groceries 

If you need fruits and vegetables, Session Groceries is here to serve. They get their products directly from farms in Benguet, dropped off in Manila, and then delivered by assigned riders all throughout the city.

Mode of Payment: Cash on Delivery; Bank Transfer

Delivery:  My orders were delivered in 4 days.

Customer Service: They send a heads up regarding the quality of the produce that I may get, explaining that external factors (such as rain In Benguet) may affect the quality of the products I will get and some items that may be unavailable, in which they guarantee a refund.

JSPY Food Trading

In need of ready-to-cook meat? JSPY has that for you. They are based in Quezon City and deliver within the Metro (delivery charge varies).

Mode of Payment: Cash on Delivery; Bank Transfer

Delivery: They deliver within the day when possible.

Customer service: Attentive to customers until the transaction has ended (read: products are received). They missed two trays of eggs in my list of orders and while they did not re-deliver, it was not a problem to ask for a refund. Products are fresh and are still frozen upon arrival.  🙂


If a pharmacy is far from your area, go for online delivery of your over-the-counter medicine needs. There are a lot of popular pharmacies offering the delivery service but I have only tried MedExpress so far.

Mode of Payment: Cash on Delivery; Bank Transfer

Delivery: Lead times 2-3 days. I was frustrated as the rider failed to deliver it despite given instructions about directions going to the house. I have to decline the order. But they made up by re-delivering it days after.

Customer Service: They called me back as the order was not delivered and apologized. They tried to re-deliver and was able to do so.


Not finding the grocery items you need in the nearest supermarket is a bit disappointing. You may check out the wide selection in Lazada’s LazMall or LazMart.

Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer (Cash on Delivery is unavailable for now as far as I know)

Delivery: Lead time of 3-5 days. Packaged arrived boxed well and not cramped.

Customer Service: The customer is updated through email if the order is being processed. The customer will receive a text message from the courier if the package will be delivered. Rider/courier calls the customer to give a heads up regarding the transit of the order on the actual delivery day. The couriers were so polite and patient in finding a customer’s location.

Get your basic food needs such as meat, seafood, and vegetables through

Mode of Payment: Cash on Delivery (contact the seller if  you have a preferred mode of payment)

Delivery: Package can be delivered within the following day when ordered before 11:59pm of the previous day. Well-packaged parcel.

Customer Service: Rider calls within the day of the delivery. I ordered at 10:24 pm on May 1st, the package arrived around 1:30pm the following day. Orders were complete, fresh, and well packaged.

Daily essentials delivered to your doorstep. Their selection may be limited and easily sold out, but take note of their store as well for a quick order of your most basic daily needs.

Mode of Payment: Cash on Delivery, Credit or Debit Card, Paypal

Delivery: Package was delivered the following day (late afternoon) through Grab.

Customer Service: Rider calls within the day of the delivery. I ordered late in the evening of May 1st, the package arrived at 2:30pm the following day. Orders were complete, fresh, and well packaged. A delivery charge of Php299 applies, though.

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