Royale Parc Hotel in Puerto Princesa (Hotel Review)

Palawan, a haven of natural beauty and home to a vast array of biodiversity in the Central Philippines, is one of the world’s recognized top beach destinations and a top-of-the-mind summer vacation choice for many. And what better way to start an enjoyable getaway in this beautiful province but to visit the city capital, Puerto Princesa!

Of course, a Palawan getaway would require a place to stay in to after an excellent day of exploring, get recharged and prep up for a new day of adventure (a day or two will not suffice to see the beauty of this province, I am telling you).

So with that saying, I would like to share with you the hotel that I stayed at in the beginning of my Palawan 2020 summer experience. It is the Royale Parc Hotel.

Royale Parc Hotel is a 10-minute drive from the Puerto Princesa International Airport. The hotel is a three-story facility along Jacana Road, in the Bancao Bancao neighborhood of Puerto Princesa. Nestled just a few kilometers away from some of the popular tourist spots in Puerto Princesa, such as the Honda Bay Islands, City Baywalk, Bakers Hill, Mitra’s Ranch, Crocodile Farm, and UNESCO World Heritage Underground River, Royale Parc Hotel offers modern accommodation on a friendly budget.

A typical single-bed room is fully air-conditioned with some basic furnishings such as a queen-size bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, and cable television.

The hotel also has other amenities like the complimentary WiFi connection (a decent connection I may say), a billiards area (just outside the hotel), and a kitchen and dining area. Free shuttle service is being offered to guests to and from the airport.

The view outside the Royal Parc Hotel. Mostly vacant lots and shrubs on both sides of the road.

My stay at the Royale Parc Hotel was generally a pleasant one. I guess the only issue that I had during the stay would be the somewhat isolated location of the hotel. While I was killing time waiting for the 2 pm check-in,  I decided to walk around and find some food, however, I did not find any fast food or restaurants nearby. I have to rent a “kotsikel” to take me somewhere so I can get my breakfast. On the evening of the same day, after our city tour, I asked to be dropped off to Noki Nocs (a popular restaurant in Puerto Princesa) instead to have my dinner and grabbed a take-out meal. EDIT: I did not have pre-arranged meals provided by the hotel on my first day, that’s why I have to go and get it somewhere else, thus the search for restaurants or fast-food stores.

But I did not let that spoil my one-night stay, though. Still, I can say the stay was amazing.

Comfortably lying in bed after a half-a-day city tour 🙂

To sum up my stay in the Royale Parc Hotel:

Customer Service: 5/5 – the staff are very attentive to customers

Affordability: 5/5 – while there may be other cheaper accommodations around, the rate per night for a stay in this hotel is practically inexpensive

Cleanliness: 5/5

Convenience: 4/5 – conveniently close to most tourist spots, but only accessible by commute (kotsikel, private car, shuttle service, etc.) No nearby restaurants or convenience stores.

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