Riding with honesty via G.Liner’s Honesty Bus

G.Liner Bus Company is having a dry run of their “Honesty Bus”, an exact-fare-only, pay-honestly, no-conductor type of commuting from Quiapo to Rizal. First time ko makasakay; gulat ako eh. Hehe.

Kapag wala kang eksaktong pamasahe, kahit yung “pinakamalapit na halaga na lang daw”. Pero syempre better kung sakto, di ba? Others chose to just get off the bus, though. ‘La daw barya eh.

This kind of commuting concept is probably new to many Filipinos, as we are very much familiar with bus rides where bus conductors approach us on our seats and get our fare payment instead. However, I personally think that this is a good initiative from the G.Liner Bus Company as it may promote honesty, self-service commute and instill sense of responsibility to many Filipinos. I did not like that passengers need to tear out tickets though, it only adds to the trash inside the bus.

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