Review: EasySoft Shoes by World Balance

I am not a great apparel shopper. In fact, I rarely do shopping at all. I only have a few pairs of shoes that I have been using for almost how many years now, and I don’t consider throwing or replacing them with new ones, not until they are really no longer usable.

But when the inconvenient season (aka rainy season) comes, it is inevitable that we’d get soaked in rainwater, particularly the shoes. Women usually wear high heels, or flats that are usually made of fabric, thus when the rain is stronger, more water gets absorbed and it’s soaked. You have to air or sun dry it. It is extra baggage to pack and just bring these shoes, much more while you use flip-flop slippers to and from work while wearing your corporate attire.

So, when I dropped by the mall and look for a new pair of shoes, I sought leather ones, until I found the EasySoft shoes. At first, I hesitated to get one since I wanted something that is shiny leather and a bit fancy. :p But what’s the use of fancy and shiny shoes if it cannot withstand wet grounds and a few dips in strong rain?

I ended up buying one. I did not mind the brand as long as it serves the function that I wanted it to be used for. It’s just until I reached home that Easy Soft is a brand by renowned shoe maker World Balance.

Basically, Easy Soft shoes’ distinct features compared to the usual shoes are the following: waterproof; shock absorbing; flexible and durable. These features are basically saying that it will last longer and withstand conditions where our beloved feet have to be dipped in water (read: floods and rains), right?

I have yet to test the durability of the EasySoft shoes during a rainy day though, but just to let you get a glimpse of what I bought:

I got some initial impressions though when I used it on a sunny day:

-Just like any other new shoes, your toes and ankle might suffer from blisters. 

-It really is flexible. I just kind of maarte, especially when a crease forms whenever I step.

-Foot covers or socks will make it a bit tighter. I feel like my feet can’t breathe when I wore it with my foot covers on. But since these shoes are made to endure wet seasons, foot covers and socks are not necessary.

-The sole part at the ball of the feet felt like it has a little shoe lift, that makes my feet feel a little curved when I’m standing.

-The shoes are not leather. According to EasySoft’s Facebook page, they are made of “Vicro Tech, a plastic base designed to make the shoes durable, flexible, waterproof, and shock-absorbing.”

The price of the EasySoft shoes by World Balance starts at Php 399.75 (as per the price listed on their website) and is available for men, women, and kids.


UPDATE: After using it multiple times, while I thought I already have broken in the shoes, I keep on having blisters on the toes and heel area. I tried coating it with candle wax or applying lotion to my feet to lessen the skin and shoe friction but to no avail.

Also, you need to shine the shoes with shoe wax at least twice a week. It accumulates too much dirt making it muddy black than jet-black shoes. 🙂

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