Reload Your Beep Card Online through EONBankph

You are probably familiar with the beep card, a stored value card that is used often when riding trains (LRT, LRT2, and MRT) and special city buses (BGC Bus, P2P Bus). The beep card can also be used in other contactless transactions, such as paying for toll fees to and from provincial trips, buying in convenience stores, among many others.

beep cards are often reloaded through Bayad Centers, convenience stores (Family Mart) and beep card loading kiosks available near bus or train terminals. Ticket Vending Machines or TVMs are also available in each train station.

Now, a new way of reloading makes beep card reloading more convenient and away from queuing in long lines and looking for spare change to top up your beep card with — through the EONBankPH.

EONBank is a Unionbank-powered digital wallet that is coupled with prepaid no-maintaining-balance cards (EON card and Starter Kit) that you can use to buy and shop online, pay bills and/or send money to other EON, Unionbank or local banks.


1. Your beep card or beep card number

2. An active Mastercard or Visa debit card with sufficient credit

3. a smartphone or laptop


STEP 1: Log on to Hover on the “Top-ups” menu, down to “Transportation” submenu, and finally click “Beep“. The page will reload.

STEP 2: In the “Please select” drop-down menu, select the beep load amount. You can load a minimum of Php50 up to a maximum of Php200. Click “Continue

STEP 3: Upon choosing a beep load amount, you will be asked of the “Card Number“. Note that this is not the card number of your debit card, but the card number of your beep card. Search for the 16-digit CAN (starts with 637805-XXXXXXXXXX) on your beep card.

STEP 4: Confirm the details you entered and once confirmed correct, click “Proceed to Checkout

STEP 5: Prepare your debit card details. This will be your mode of payment. Key in the details needed.

STEP 6: In the Cart Summary box, you will see the total charge for the reloading. There is a Php7.50 service charge if you use the EONBank facility.

Wait until the Transaction Details page to load. This confirms that your beep card has been reloaded. The EONBankPH facility can be used by both EONBank account holders and non-accountholders (Use the facility as a “Guest”).

To confirm that your beep card has been successfully topped up, you can check the balance of your beep card through the Store Value Updater in reloading kiosks at beep card loading stations, or download the beep card app for your smartphone (available in the Playstore and AppStore), register your beep card and wait until your card becomes verified in the app and your beep card balance will get displayed.

For someone who does not like queuing in lines and searching for spare change, this is a welcome option. I tried it myself and worked perfectly fine for my GCash beep card and Amore Visa prepaid beep card!

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