Receiving your SSS loan through a UnionBank Quick Card

I applied for a new UMID so that my ID would reflect my current residential address. I remember that from the gates of the East Avenue branch, I was advised by the security staff that it will take longer to get the new one. It even felt like they are discouraging me to get a new one! But I insisted, and so I queued in line to start the renewal.

Upon reaching the data capture stage, I came across a UnionBank booth just beside the data capture area. They are offering UMID users to have their UMID get activated so that they can receive their loaned amount through a UnionBank savings account instead of getting it through cheque.

I am not sure how the process goes as I have yet to enroll my UMID for it. But judging from the poster standee I saw, it seems that the UMID itself becomes an ATM card?

Apart from the loans availed, Sickness, Maternity, and Employees Compensation (SMEC) benefits can also be credited and debited to the UnionBank Quick Card.

This has been a project partnership between UnionBank and the Social Security System since 2015, however, I just heard about it recently.

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