Ready to upskill? Websites Where You Can Learn New Skills

New year, new you. Many people make resolutions whenever a new year starts. How about making a year-long goal, like learning something new―a skill—to help improve oneself? Wouldn’t it be a great goal to fulfill and achieve?

You don’t always need to wait for the year to change though to be able to learn a new skill. Several platforms online are available where one can access thousands of courses and learning paths that enable them to upskill, re-skill and start a new venture. Online education has been so accessible in the past few years, that many are given the chance to learn various skills at their own pace, at their own time.

What is upskilling (or re-skilling)?

Upskilling is a term that is often used in the corporate world. Upskilling refers to the acquisition of new skills; whether it is just for personal development or due to taking on a new role in a company. Upskilling enables one to learn a new competency that will open new doors of opportunities and streams of income to a person. 

Why learning a new skill is important

Learning a new skill is important and beneficial now more than ever before because of the fast-paced transformation in the world due to technology. Technology is so vital in almost all the things we do now and most businesses are shifting towards its use that a lot of jobs may be replaced sooner or later with robots and computers. Learning a new skill is beneficial for one’s personal development as it will keep one’s mind active and focused on a task and create steps to successfully achieve it. It is also a doorway for making more opportunities to earn an income from. Career-shifters can use this as leverage to get a new job in industries far from their usual. Side-hustlers or part-timers can take advantage of this to earn additional income. 

Check out some of the most common and popular websites to learn a new skill below. Take note that this list is a mix of paid and free websites, some allows you to learn and earn a certificate for every course and skill you learn.

Free platforms


Thousands of content creators are uploading their tutorials and guides on Youtube that will help you learn a skill or two.

Department of Information and Computer Technology (DICT)

If web development is your thing, you may follow the Department of Information and Computer Technology on Facebook as they regularly publish and announce free webinars and courses that will allow you to learn the essentials of web development.

Google Digital Garage 

Google offers free training in digital marketing, data technology and career development through the Google Digital Garage platform. Some courses can be finished in under 2 hours, while some need more than 20 hours to finish. 

Google Skillshop 

If you want to be an expert in using Google products, Skillshop is for you. Popular courses to learn from these platforms are Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Youtube courses for content publishers and partners.

Paid platforms (with certificate)

Some online learning platforms need a subscription in order for you to earn a certificate and have access to more courses and learning paths for a skill. They can be accessed for free though during the first 7 days as a new user. 

LinkedIn Learning/ allows you to learn thousands of skills that cover business, creatives and technology. You can learn most of the essential skills needed as a corporate professional on this website, such as the basics of computer software like Microsoft Office and Google Suite, advanced digital and marketing techniques, software and database management and courses on career and leadership development. Premium Subscription is at an estimated Php12,000 annually (this includes premium access to features for your LinkedIn profile like profile visit insights, post insights, inMail and premium job recommendations).

Udemy offers a plethora of courses that you can access and enroll in for less than Php1000, especially during on-sale dates. You can learn web development, machine learning, photography, graphic design and more. 

Coursera offers a variety of short courses and in-depth courses that enables you to learn the basic up to the advanced lessons in a course. It allows a hands-on approach to online learning, where learners are given a period to do course assignments and have them peer-reviewed. This way, the learners can put what they learned into practice and receive constructive feedback from their co-learners. 

Skillshare is a more affordable online learning platform where you can learn illustration, design, photography among many others. While it is also a paid platform, it will only cost you Php100 a month (annually billed) to be able to access unlimited classes and learn new skills.

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