Quick Guide: How to Get an NBI Clearance

It has been a long time since I got an NBI Clearance. As a pre-employment requirement, I need to get a copy of my NBI Clearance and submit it to my employer on or before I start my first day at work.

I registered and made an appointment through the NBI Clearance Online Services website.  Fill out the profile fields that apply to you. Save the information and the page will refresh.

Once your profile is set up, click on the APPLY for CLEARANCE on the right side.

Key in a valid identification that you will present when you personally go to an NBI issuing office. Common valid IDs are the passport, TIN ID, UMID, SSS ID, PRC ID, Professional Driver’s License or even a previous NBI clearance.

The page will reload and will allow you to set an appointment. Make sure to choose a preferred NBI clearance issuing office, and whether you want an AM or PM schedule for getting your NBI clearance.

After this, you will be issued a Reference Number. Please note this reference number as you will need this for paying your clearance. 🙂

Note: An NBI Clearance costs Php115 + Php25 service fee. Depending on where you will pay and how you choose to pay your NBI Clearance you will be charged an additional fee. I paid mine in a 7-eleven Cliqq kiosk, and I have to pay another Php15 for using the kiosk.

Day of Appointment

As expected, a long queue is to be expected in an NBI issuing office (but I think it was lesser though as it was the holiday season when I made a schedule). I made my afternoon schedule and lined up for my biometrics. Make sure you have your receipt and reference number. Also, bring the ID that you keyed in as identification when you set an appointment online.

It took me 45 minutes to finish the process (queueing takes most of the time spent there). Unfortunately, my name has a HIT, thus, I have to wait for another week for the release. 

A Week After

Because of the Christmas break, the 7-day return became 9 days, thus, I returned on Dec 29 for my NBI clearance. The queue at the release section was not that long, thus I got my clearance in less than 30 minutes. Unlike in my previous experiences in getting an NBI clearance, a Php5 payment for an envelope is no longer “forced”. Hehe. FYI, the NBI Clearance that is being issued is a multi-purpose NBI clearance, which means, it is valid for use for employment, travel abroad, etc.

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