Professional Skin Care Formula: Maintenance Set

Hi again!

After a month of using the Rejuvenating Set of Professional Skin Care by Dr. Alvin, The instructional leaflet included in the package tells to use the Maintenance Set as secondary facial care.

Just a recap to the results of my use of the rejuvenating set, my face lightened (way fairer than it used to be) and my dark pimple marks disappeared. I started to have this flush on my face (I call it auto-blush on) as it keeps my face, particularly my cheeks pinkish even without applying any blush powder. The blush is still there even if I have already washed my face after a long day’s work!

So, I bought the Maintenance Set. Compared to the Rejuvenating set, this package includes an All-in-One Maintenance Toner, a bar of Kojic soap, a mini-jar of sunblock cream and another one for 8-in-1 Maintenance cream.

After my use of the Rejuvenating Set, I decided to give my face a two-day rest before using a new product again. The bad news: pimples started to appear anywhere in my face. The most prone part was my right cheek and chin. A little pinching or attempt to squeeze some zits such as blackheads and whiteheads resulted in redness surrounding the area and eventually a dark mark. I did not take a photo of myself during those two days, but I hope you can picture what I am saying. 🙂

So, I started to use the Maintenance Set on a Monday, just so I can easily remember how long I have been using the product. The Maintenance Toner is far different from the Rejuvenating Toner as it did not give my skin the stinging feeling or redness. It kinda weirded me out though because it felt like I was wiping my face with cool water with an orangey scent to it. I keep on applying it for a week, unsure what specifically it will “maintain”. Eventually, my face experienced skin peeling again, but compared to the previous skin peeling which was flaky (using the Rejuve set), this one had my face peel off the skin as if it was plastic. It was not painful unless I wash my face with water and the Kojic soap and scrub it hard. Sunblock does help to hide the skin peeling, and a moisturizer if you stay in an air-conditioned room (I now use Myra E facial moisturizer, the red one).

I have not used the sunblock that came with it yet, because I have not finished the one from the Rejuve Set. The sunblock cream is graded SPF 30PA+++ compared to the rejuve’s SPF 30. On the other hand, I have already consumed the Rejuvenating cream, thus I am now using the 8-in-1 Maintenance Cream. I feel uncomfortable using this cream as it really has a strong scent of citrus to it. I imagine its scent similar to the smell of the orange and yellow car fresheners hanged inside cars. Add to that, it hurts when I apply it to my skin.

I still follow the instructions on the leaflet that comes with the Maintenance Set package. Wash the face with Kojic soap, apply the sunblock cream in the morning; wash again with the bar soap in the evening and instead of the sunblock, apply the 8-in-1 maintenance cream.

It is now the start of my third week of using this product. The pimples that appeared on my the two days that I rested my face prior to using the Maintenance Set already dried up, but not as fast when I used the Rejuvenating set. The dark marks of the newest pimples are still on my face, although my face appears to be unnaturally whiter and the unevenness of the skin on the face compared to the skin tone of my neck down is very apparent. I tried applying the rejuvenating set on my neck, but the whitening effect only got to half an inch below my chin. I don’t know why but I also have a hard time whitening the surrounding of my eyes. I kinda look like a panda without the sunblock cream being applied, but still close to a “normal looking human.”)

So, what do I tell you with this Maintenance Set from Professional Skin Care by Dr. Alvin? Nah, I might get back to the Rejuvenating one to remove the existing pimple marks.

Also, can you help me? I need a whitening product to even out the skin color of my face to my neck and the rest of the body. I am naturally fair/maputi except that my arms and face are so exposed to the sun since I was a kid that the skin tone is so far from the rest of the body. I need a solution to this. Suggestions anyone?

VERDICT: Neutral 5/10. I did not really feel that it has contributed much to my face as a result of using the Rejuvenating set. Sure it is maintenance for what the rejuve has started out, but it did not really add up anything. :/

*Skin types of users of beauty products vary from one user to another. Please be cautious about using skin care products. Discontinue using if irritation of the skin occurs.

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