#Plantita: Indoor Gardening as a New Hobby

I think I am now part of the “#Plantita” Community! 

Just recently, I became interested in getting plants for my house. I have probably picked up the interest from one of my colleagues, Sam, who happens to be in love with taking care of succulents. Seeing his social media posts about his cacti babies not only made me curious about but encouraged me to try taking care of plants myself inside my own home. 

Many may be wary of investing in growing and caring for plants because, as some would say, taking care of one will require a green thumb to be able to successfully do so. Anyway, my mind is currently inclined to try it out and see for myself if I have what takes. Hehe.

To start in this new “journey” and/or hobby, I got busy googling about houseplants that are easy to take care of for beginners and decided to get the ones that are known to help purify the air and that could also help in giving a cooler indoor environment; not to mention that plants will boost the aesthetics of the house, eh?

I am no expert in plants and plant care, and I am a noob when it comes to investing in various types thereof, but I am very much willing to learn how to care for and grow them. As a beginner though, and with the purposes mentioned above, I decided to get the plants that require minimal care first, easy to grow, and as they say, “hard to kill”. 

Fortune Plant

I read somewhere that this plant’s name isnot really “Fortune Plant”, however, it is commonly called as such only in the Philippines. Dracaena fragrans or corn plant is its more globally recognized name.

Fortune Plant aka Dracaena fragrans from The Plant Station starts a Php400*.

Fortune Plant aka Dracaena fragrans helps clean the air, survives in low-to-medium sunlight exposure, and needs moist soil to stay alive.

Snake Plant

Probably one of the most common outdoor street plants, Snake Plant has sword-like, rigid leaves that can grow up to 8 feet. Snake plants can be taken care of either indoors or outdoors. Known as one of the hardest-to-kill plants out there, snake plants can survive low-light environments with minimal watering provision. 

Snake Plant from The Plant Station starts at Php350*

Wandering Jew

Now, this is a plant that I hardly remember being familiar with. But I decided to get one to at least have a varying color among the greens plants that I have. Yes, its mix of green-purplish leaves attracted me (the plant is grown mainly because of its foliage according to the articles that I read). Wandering Jew is considered a trailing plant, and can be either potted or hanged. This plant demands moderate sun exposure but slightly moist soil conditions. Keep it from a distance to you and your pets though, as the plant is known to have a substance toxic to animals and may cause skin irritation to humans. 

So far these are the only ones I have at home. I have to read up about houseplants and how to properly take care of them. I am considering getting spider plants and pothos plants, but I am still in the fence between growing random houseplants or invest time in indoor vegetable gardening as well growing onions, garlic, carrots, etc. I have very limited space, so I may need to use the window rails to hang pots and grow some more plants. 🙂

*price varies based on the choice of pots by clients (ceramic or potted) and size of plants.

I got all of these plants from The Plant Station. Check out their Facebook page and browse their catalog of houseplants suitable for outdoor and indoor settings.

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