Peaceful Chaos


She went overtime at work for a second straight week.

She does not even remember if she ate breakfast or lunch for the day.

She left home at dusk, only to return as if the sun did not shine throughout the day at all.

She was too drowned in work that she did not even notice that time flew by.


She reached home, dropped her bag, and released a deep sigh.

A deep breath of “Finally, I can just lie down here doing nothing.”

She turned the Wi-Fi on; her phone started to create noise.

Relentless, messages after messages started to flood her mobile notifications.

And then there was this one message.


Was it an app glitch?

Was it a prank?

Is someone trippin’ on her?

She just stared at her phone.

That name. That name hasn’t appeared anywhere around her for years now.

That name has only been etched at the back of her mind since and is almost disappearing as she finds freedom and peace for herself.

That name. That name gave her love, joy, peace, and a fortress

But had also become her source of hate, sadness, turbulence, and insecurity once returned.

The urge.

She fought the urge to respond to the message.

She fought the feeling of voicing out her mixed feelings.

She tried.

Yet she failed.

Maybe she longed for him.

Maybe she craved for his attention.

Maybe, the belief that something magical would happen between the two of them rekindled and brought her hope once again.

That everything will work out in favor of them this time around.

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