PayMaya: Cashless transactions powered by Visa

I applied for a PayMaya card two weekends ago. I’ve been seeing promotional ads for this card for quite a while, but I never had an interest in getting one since I already have the Globe GCash beep card, which I occasionally use.

But then, out of nowhere, I decided to register and get one of the EMV cards. I did everything (registration, application, and purchase) via the PayMaya website. It just took three days (excluding the weekends) before I receive the card via 2Go courier.

I know that this card is a direct competition waged by Smart against Globe’s GCash MasterCard beep card since it seems that cashless transaction is being promoted in the country. Even though I am aware that both cards serve the same purpose, I decided to get the PayMaya EMV card since I am primarily a Smart prepaid user. The Globe sim is just on the side in case I need it for “can I get your number” moments. Hehe.

I paid Php150 for this card, and have it mailed to my office address. When I went home, I immediately followed the instruction to activate the card and link it to the PayMaya app. It took me a while to finish the activation process since I have to register to the PayMaya app as well.

But all’s well that ends well. I was able to complete the registration and activation. I have yet to top this up with cash or try to withdraw via an ATM, but I will soon.

EDIT: 10/30/2016

I have just tried paying my utility bills using the app. I was able to pay my electricity and internet bills.

For the MERALCO electricity bill payment, it would not accept the account number. Instead, use the 26-digit Meralco Reference Number (can be found at the middle-bottom section of the bill).

For the PLDT telephone and internet bill payment, make sure that the phone number you input consists of 10 digits as it requires you include the country code and area code. (i.e  632 573 0000)


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