Pasig City Government Launches Bike-Sharing in Ortigas

I was on my way to Robinsons Galleria one day when I spotted a series of green bicycles near one of the passenger unloading/loading areas in Emerald Avenue (F. Ortigas Jr. Road).

I looked for news or press releases about this environment-friendly project from the Pasig local government online, however, I did not find any. The project, which is a bike-sharing program within the Ortigas Central Business District should be a welcome initiative for many Ortigas residents and working professionals alike. Not only it promotes less car use, but it also promotes bicycling as a form of exercise (although most people do walk in Ortigas).

I am not sure how many bike-share end point stations are already active, but according to the bike-share map, there are 10 stations where bikes are available that are near the Ortigas CBD.   

  • Ortigas Ave.
  • Sapphire Station
  • City Golf Station
  • Ortigas Park Station
  • Frontera Verde Station
  • DEPED Station
  • AMA/DAP Station
  • San Antonio Station
  • St. Martin Station
  • City State Station

 I have not tried using the bike-share system. It seems like the service is card-operated, as there is a card reading machine beside the bicycles. There is a sign-up process before you can use and unlock one of the bicycles. A few days ago I saw two bikes gone from the rack, seems like some are already familiar with how the service works.

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