Nissin Pasta Express Creamy Carbonara

The Nissin Pasta Express Creamy Carbonara has long been in the market, however, this is the first time ever that I was able to try it. I go for the usual instant noodles (Pancit Canton and Lucky Me!), so other brands and products were out of my list.

An instant noodle takes about 3 to 5 minutes to be cooked, the same goes for Nissin Creamy Carbonara. The noodles must be cooked together with the meat bits as the latter may tend to be rubbery when not cooked.

I do not expect a restaurant-quality of carbonara from an instant noodle worth Php13, but the Nissin Creamy Carbonara is an enjoyable food that only requires less than 10 minutes to be prepared.  I did not fin the noodles to be soggy. In fact, it is the right firmness that I liked. My mistake I guess was I forgot to include the meat bits when I boiled the noodles, thus, I got rubbery bits when I ate it. It was not super creamy, but the seasoning was enough to give that instant carbonara taste. 

Thumbs up! 

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