My PAG-IBIG MP2 Savings Saga

So, you may have read my frustration-filled post updates in one of my MP2-related blog posts. Now it is time to give you a much newer update.

As you can remember from previous MP2-related posts, I was requesting them to transfer the incorrectly deposited amount from my PAGIBIG 1 account to my MP2 account. The request I made started in February 2017, decided to email the branch that handles my PAG-IBIG account on the week of May 25 and called after not receiving a response. I was assured before the end of the call that the issue has been resolved, thus I let days pass and confirm via the PAG-IBIG hotline if the amount was really now in the MP2 account. I was informed that NO, it was not there. And so I have to follow up over and over again through the hotline. They kept on telling me that they (officer through the hotline) will follow up with the branch yet I have called multiple times since the first time they told me that and no response, no positive results.

I got fed up. earlier this week I called 8888, or the Citizens’ Complaint Hotline and reported the issue. I specified the agency that I have an issue with. The officer filed a complaint and told me that it will take 5 to 10 days for the agency to receive it (or respond to it? I am not sure). Just this afternoon I received an email from PAG-IBIG saying there was no discrepancy in my records. Well, there should not be no more since it was supposed to be fixed a long time ago! They attached the “ledger” records of my contributions, both for PAG-IBIG 1 and MP2, confirming that both accounts have my money.

It took months and months before the branch took action and “remit” my savings so it can be posted on my account. If not for that 8888 call, would the fvcking branch have done their job properly? Okay, so the money is already there, but upon confirming it through the hotline, the member relations officer does not have access to the MP2 account so she could not see it (they have access with the PAG-IBIG 1, though). 

Now, my issue is with the hotline inquiry about the MP2 contributions. Remember, there is no other way of following up or checking your savings for MP2 but only through the hotline. If the MROs cannot see the saver’s profile, how can we, the savers, check and verify the content of the account then? Unless there are other options, I would not resort to calling the hotline over and over. But there is none! 

My major reason for not continuing my MP2 savings (I only saved from Oct 2016- Jan 2017) was because of the pending issue about the transfer of the amount that was not yet resolved. Now that it got resolved, my two new issues are:

The branch does not “remit” on time; and 

The PAG-IBIG system does not show the MP2 account to MROs who receive inquiries about their MP2s! Dude, we are talking about money here, and if savers do not get the assurance that their money is where it is supposed to be, do not be surprised if they get discouraged on trying the MP2 Saving scheme.

It should be enough that I respond to the email from PAG-IBIG Fund with a simple “Thank you”. But I could not help it. I took the opportunity to tell them about the problem when following up through the hotline. Let me share with you what I emailed them.

Thank you very much for your response. The files you have attached are the answers to my months-long questions about my MP2 savings. 

Now I have confirmed that it is indeed transferred by the branch. As for the hotline though, I called and tried to confirm through them (after reading this email). However, the member relations officer has said that they have a limited access to my profile, thus, the details of my MP2 account cannot be viewed. The branch and hotline/system information do not match, thus, this may cause misunderstanding on their end including mine. 

Calling the hotline is the only way (as far as I know) for the MP2 account holders to be able to check their MP2 savings. However, since member relations officers do not have access to the MP2 account (unlike the one they have for the PAG-IBIG 1), they cannot view it and confirm with the savers that their money indeed gets remitted. I hope PAG-IBIG can do something about it, where calling the hotline and inquiring about the MP2 remittance will reassure savers real-time or at least after 24 hours of deposit that the saved money is on the account. Or, provide efficient options for the savers so we can check our MP2 accounts ourselves (i.e. BPI My e-Prepaid cardholders can check their card/account balance without logging in to the BPI website). It will be very much appreciated as it will give us convenience and security. It is tiring to call the hotline only to be informed that they (MRO) cannot access or have a limited access to the PAG-IBIG member’s account.

Nevertheless, again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards your response after the complaint.  I also do hope that my feedback above will be considered by the HDMF for the improvement of their services.

A friend of mine advised me to pay for my MP2 at the branch itself or at any PAG-IBIG Fund branch. I agreed to try it so I can also have a receipt of each and every transaction just in case I get into some sort of problem again. I might try at the end of this month or next month. I don’t know yet, and I am not sure, but hopefully, if I decide to pursue this, I would not encounter other issues anymore.

11/16/2017 Let me put this here: I am not discouraging anybody to try the MP2 savings scheme. If you are interested to do so, go do it. This blog post is based on my personal experience. The paragraph before this states that I was informed that apart from my chosen options (hotline and online transactions) I can continue my MP2 savings via personal branch visit. Well if that is convenient for you, then do it. But not for me. Sorry. 

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