Mattress Cleaning: Getting a Professional Deep-Cleaning Service

Living solo forced me to invest in furniture and house stuff, one of which is my bed. Since living alone all by myself 7 years ago, I haven’t cleaned my bed well (okay maybe surface cleaning I did) but to “deep clean”?

Over the weekend, I booked a professional cleaning service to deep clean my mattress with EGSE KleenPro, a Manila-based professional cleaning service company that offers residential and commercial cleaning services.

The problem: A six-year-old Uratex mattress that has never been deep cleaned. Heavily stained and probably has harbored pet danders, body sweat, house dirt among many others. 

Here’s how the cleaning went:

Step 1: Prepping Up

First, the cleaner prepped the equipment he needs to facilitate the cleaning process. He brought a vacuum, a steamer, liquid mattress cleaner, and stain remover and dryer. The cleaner then vacuumed the mattress for surface dust and dirt.

Step 2: Sterilization

Next, the mattress has been laid knee-high (I sleep on it without a bed frame) so that the cleaner can easily switch and clean it from one side to another. The steamer is ready and the mattress will get a few minutes of sterilization. This will help soften up the dirt and stains stuck on the fabric of the mattress cover and lift remove bed bugs or dust mites (I honestly think the latter two cause my skin bumps and itchiness when I’m on the bed).

Step 3: Shampooing

The cleaner then applied a liquid carpet cleaner (I thought it’s questionable that he did this but apparently it is common) diluted in water to the foam. He made sure to somehow target the heavy stains to see if apart from the steaming, will help to soften up the stain.

Step 4: Extraction

Using a high-powered vacuum, the mattress will then be vacuumed to take out all the dirt and stain. It may seem like that it’s only the surface that gets cleaned, but the cleaner made sure to slowly pull the vacuum throughout the mattress so clean it from inside out. If only you’ve seen how the water from the vacuum turned clear to muddy dirt black. Eww!

The cleaner repeated the steaming, shampooing, and vacuuming at least two more times to see how much dirt and stains can still be removed.

Step 5: Drying

For thick mattresses, blowdrying is highly necessary to make sure that dampness will not cause an unpleasant smell on the foam when left as it is after cleaning. Lucky for me, my mattress has a very thin cover that can easily get dry with just a fan, thus, the cleaner did not spend too much time running the dryer on the mattress surface.

Unfortunately, the cleaner can only do so much to make the mattress cover as clean as new. The heavy stains (of my period, sorry) lightened up a bit but not all stains. What’s important though is that somehow the mattress got washed and disinfected after roughly 7 years of use. Bed cover was replaced instead. Bye bye bed bugs, bye bye dust mites!

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