Loss of Signal (LOS) Issue of my PLDT Fibr Connection…AGAIN

Two months since I encountered my first major internet connection issue for my PLDT FIbr connection, it happened once again. And my “suffering” started on November 8, 2017, the morning when I was about to start my home-based job.

Just like the previous request for technical assistance, I need to wait for a couple of days and some badmouthing on Twitter before PLDT took action on my internet connection concern.

Here’s what happened:

My Fibr connection was working fine until two in the morning of November 8. I woke up at six in the morning and as a routine, I check my phone only to find out that it is not connecting to my WiFi despite the WiFi icon showing it is connected. I got up from the bed and found my router displaying the red blinking light on the LOS indicator again! Since my landline is a voice-over-internet phone (VOIP, I don’t know why this is the case when I don’t have anyone to call abroad via landline), I can’t use it as well (thank the heavens for smartphones!)

I called PLDT hotline 171 to report the issue and it is a recurring one. Since it was the second time to happen in just a span of months, the issue was escalated immediately for technician dispatch (but knowing PLDT, this means your technician will come by your house after 3 or 5 days). I requested for the same technician that fixed my line before (FYI, there is one technician assigned per area so he will still be the same technician to assist me if there are any other issues in the future unless there will be staff reshuffling maybe). He came by the house on Saturday, the fourth day since I lost my connection (November 11) at around 4pm or 5pm. He did the usual routine of checking my Fibr cable connection at the router end and said that there is a cut or opening in my Fibr line. He checked the connection from the utility pole where my PLDT line was connected, turned out there was really a problem with the cable line towards my house. He said the cable must show an open part where there is a red blinking light from the Fibr. We spent a good 20 to 40 minutes searching for it until I found the part. The cable part was hidden behind an old metal water pipe and only showed up when the technician tried to move the cable.

Unfortunately, it is getting dark already and it will be difficult for the technician to work on the cables and advised me that he will return the morning after. He promised to work on this by 9am the following day, and while I am almost running out of patience because it takes too long, I just agreed. 

Things I learned when your router indicates LOS:

1. technical problem may be due to PLDT’s malfunctioning system

2. The cable connecting your internet from the utility pole may have been touched or moved (possible when something is being done on the pole–cable repairs, cable installation, etc.)

3. The Fibr cable of your own connection has been damaged.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

I am an insomniac and rarely wakes up early. I jolted this morning and panicked as I thought I overslept and might have missed the technician’s return. Luckily, it was just 9:05am. The technician returned as he promised. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and went out to see what he has done with the Fibr cable outside my house.

I saw the PLDT van outside our house and two PLDT ladders placed just at the side of our house and another on the utility pole a few steps away from my house. This time, two co-workers helped him to work partly on the utility pole line while the official technician assigned did the rejoining of cables inside my house.

The blinking part of the cable was cut and a “jointer” (forgot what he called it) was used to reconnect the two ends.

I don’t know how my cable got its dent/cut between 2am and 6am (probably a cat or rat climbed on that part of the cable), but that little cut cost me to not be able to work in three straight days and study my lessons online. Just like my previous issue with PLDT, I turned to Twitter to vent my frustrations, but not as bad as I did with the first one. I could have done so, if this no-internet days continued during the special holidays (Nov 13 to 15). 

Internet connection is back again. Waiting for my repair ticket to be closed so I can request rebates and bill adjustments.

11 thoughts on “Loss of Signal (LOS) Issue of my PLDT Fibr Connection…AGAIN

  1. Same issue los blinking but the problem with my line is that they remove one of the existing subscribers line when i applied for service and so every 2 or 3 months my line gets disconnected.

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