Learning Computer Programming (C# Basics)

I have been a decade long in my chosen profession, and it often crosses my mind to try and learn something new; see what else I am capable of learning and put into practice and if there are other opportunities out there that I can take advantage of. I am interested in way too many things to learn, but I think one that never gets taken out of my dream list is to learn something about computers and all sorts of stuff that one can do to it.

Thanks to one of the companies I previously worked at, I was introduced to creating content for the world wide web, blogging (I was hired as a content writer), how things are created from the backend and gets displayed on the frontend for the users, and web development. Unfortunately, my stay at the company was short-lived, yet the interest in these things and the interest to learn stayed with me. I considered enrolling for an IT program years ago, but due to time and financial constraints, I never get to do it.

Two weekends ago, I stumbled upon an advertisement post on Facebookinviting computer programming newbies, career shifters and interested folks to attend a one-day introductory programming lesson and workshop on C# programming language. The training is hosted by a start-up company called Arcodeaunder its Arcodea University. Honestly, I do not know anything about C# (C-sharp as it is pronounced) as I am aiming to learn about HTML and CSS (for my blog’s backend management). However, when I inquired about the program, I was encouraged to try it out as it is an essential part of learning HTML and CSS. So, I jumped on the opportunity (an impulsive decision to be honest) and did not hesitate to pay for the training fee.

Here are the topics covered in the seven-hour training:

I, for the most part, had a hard time picking up the lessons. There were only ten of us that were being taught in that room, and I think I am the only that did not have an ounce of background about C# language (imagine my struggle to keep up with the pace of teaching). However, the host and his assistants were kind enough to assist me all throughout the program. I know it would be hard for me to start and learn something that I am not familiar with at all, but don’t we all start like that? Besides, that’s why it was called “learning”!

I still have a long way to go and a lot of things to learn if I really want to pursue computer programming as a newly learned skill to be included in my personal skills bucket. I want to believe I still have time to learn and become proficient with computer programming. I need to have the time, determination and willingness to absorb new information to keep me going. 🙂

Do you have any idea how I can manage to learn C# or other programming languages with ease? Can you share it with me?

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