It’s been a year since the lockdown

It’s been a year. Who would have thought that this same week last year would be the start of a challenge to all of us and in the way we live and do things?

Roughly the same week as last year, I embarked on a leisure trip to take a breather from my hectic work. I spent 4 days in Palawan and as much as I want to extend my stay, the alarms were already raised due to the onset of COVID-19 in the country. I had to go home.

A year has already passed and the country is still battling the coronavirus; all while we await the arrival of an effective vaccine that will eliminate it. The vaccine has arrived, yet seeing reports in the news, it seems the supply is not enough to get all Filipinos vaccinated safe against COVID-19. We are left on our own devices — wearing masks and face shields when we go out, keeping a safe distance from other people to keep the virus transmission at bay or, most of the time, are advised to stay at home unless it it really necessary to go out.

Staying at home. Sure thing it is a welcomed idea. But not everybody can do that for long. We have to work to earn money and buy our basic needs. Not everybody was born privileged and has a pile of money somewhere enough to spend over their lifetime to support themselves and their needs.

Lucky are those who are still able to retain their jobs and work within the confines of their home, securing a job that will certainly feed them and their families until this pandemic gets resolve and ends. I feel for those who lost their jobs unexpectedly either by manpower reduction by the companies or due to shutdown of businesses.

It’s been a year. Whether you agree with me or not, the daily dynamic most of us have outside our homes has changed. As to when this pandemic will end is still uncertain. But us people are coping and are trying to survive every single day.

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