Internal Job Transfer: To be worried about or not?

Just recently, my team and I were notified that our department’s staffing will be lessened as we are overstaffed. Fortunately, it was not a layoff of employees, but just lateral transfers to other departments in the company. 

Due to unusual circumstances, I was given the chance to choose whether to stay in my department or accept the transfer to a new one. I choose the latter because I would like to try something new (among many other factors). Accepting the new role worried me a bit, made me question if I did the right thing of saying “Yes” to the new role, and if I am capable of doing a great job at it. 

It is inevitable I guess, that one will worry a bit about unexpected changes out of one’s control. The change challenges what has been already set, a.k.a. what one has been conformed to doing and puts the subject on a spot where he has to decide to take the risk [of grabbing the opportunity] or not. I have experienced the mental dilemma, and sooner or later, I have to choose and decide.

Some of the worry thoughts listed below come into mind during these kinds of choose-or-lose situation:

  1. What do they do in the other job? Would I learn the job easily? 
  2. Would I be able to adapt?
  3. I wonder what’s the work culture in that department? Would I get to blend in with the tenured staff with ease?
  4. Will they like me? (Or will like them? :p)
  5. I hope they would not misunderstand my quietness/aloofness (for introverts) or get bothered and annoyed by my energy and uber positivity (for extroverts).
  6. Would I be able to cope long enough to keep my job?

However, to keep myself from overthinking, I try to condition my mind to see the great things that are in store for me for choosing to take the new role:

  1. You get a “new” job.
  2. You get to explore a new roles in the company.
  3. You get to meet new faces.
  4. You get to expand your familiarity with the products and services offered by the company.
  5. You gain new skills and knowledge of processes and industries.

Taking a new role in the office or grabbing a new job opportunity is generally not a bad thing. Fear may hinder us from taking advantage of the opportunities presented to us and this may force us to just settle and conform to what we have already been doing. But I guess we must not let fear pull us away and miss the chance to explore and discover more about ourselves and our capabilities nor should we be convinced that we no longer need to see changes and challenges in our careers.

Credits: “Office” by ricin is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

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