In My Kitchen: How to Cook Tikoy

Because of the upcoming Chinese New Year (February 8) and the annual tikoy giveaway in the office (this is my second, yey!) I decided to cook tikoy on my own.

So, since this is my first time, I found out how easy it is to cook this Chinese delicacy, in three easy steps: Slice, Dip, Cook.

1. Slice the tikoy. I see it usually sliced in thin wide rectangles, but I had a hard time so I just made it in cubes.

2. Beat 1 egg. Depending on how much tikoy you are going to cook, you need more. One egg is enough for half a tikoy (the regular size)

3. Prepare the cooking oil in a frying pan. Once the oil rested and is already heated, throw in the tikoy cubes. The tikoy do not need to turn toasted brown, a good 2-3 minutes of frying will do.

Make sure to check on both sides to avoid burning it or else the tikoy would taste like the tutong of rice!!!

4. Prepare it on a plate or bowl. Tikoy cooking is done!

A friend suggested that tikoy may also be paired with cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper. I also read somewhere that you can also create your own dip, such a tikoy with chocolate dip. Just be creative. Take what’s possible to be paired with this Lunar New Year special deli and have your own version of cooked tikoy! 🙂

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