In My Kitchen: How to Cook Lumpiang Shanghai

Frying is one of my frustrations, it’s easy for most people but I always mess up in it. I rarely cook, and I have a hard time recalling instructions. So two days ago I tried to fry some lumpia, but I effed up and burn all five pieces. So, I tried it once more and the second attempt turned out well. 🙂

What You Need:

1/2 kg ground pork

1 carrot, minced

1 egg

a pack of 20 pcs. pastry wrappers (lumpia wrappers)

a teaspoon of pepper

half tablespoon of salt

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 onion, minced

What to Do:

1. Mix the ingredients in one bowl (except the wrapper).

2. Set aside a tablespoon of the egg white in a different bowl. This can be used to keep the end of the lumpia wrapper from opening.

3. Put a tablespoon of the mixture to each lumpia wrapper. Seal each wrap with the egg white.

4. Fry the lumpia either by deep frying or pan-frying. Deep-frying is suggested as it will help cook all sides of the lumpia equally. The lumpia wrapper easily turns brown when heated in oil, so make sure that the stove fire is in low or moderate heat to avoid burning of the lumpia.

5. Drain excess oil by putting on a sieve for a couple of minutes or laying down a paper towel on a plate to absorb the excess oil.

6. Serve with a condiment: sweet and sour sauce, vinegar or soy sauce with kalamansi.

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