How to track your PhilSys National ID

It’s been a year since I applied for a national ID, and as we all know, the release of the said ID has not been fulfilled by our government, hence a lot of us are still waiting. We were advised after the application that it will take 6 months to receive our ID, but we know what’s the current situation.

If ever you want to track the status of your national ID, the PSA has released the following instructions on how to do it:

STEP 1: Visit the PHLPOST tracking website

STEP 2. Remember the transaction slip you received after you applied and have your biometrics taken for the ID? Enter the 29-digit Transaction Number indicated on the transaction slip into the “Tracking Number” field on the PHLPOST tracking website. No dashes or other special characters. Click the Track button.

STEP 3. The page will then show you if your national ID is In Transit, Delivered, or Not Found

If the status is NOT FOUND, according to PSA, it means that your ID is still in process. You have to wait for PHLPOST to contact you.

If the PHILID is in transit, you must present your transaction slip and VALID ID (funny how you need to present an ID to prove that another ID is yours) to claim that package upon delivery. If you are not available to claim the ID,  provide an authorized person with an authorization letter, 1 Valid ID, and a copy of your transaction slip to claim it on your behalf.

In the meantime, you can claim a copy of your ePHILID as an alternative to the physical National ID. I discussed it in another blog so check it out. 

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