How to Schedule an Appointment to Get an e-PhilID

Still don’t have your National ID? You can get an ePhilID for now instead. 

To be able to do that, be ready with your TRN, or Transaction Reference Number. This is the 29-digit series of numbers that is indicated on the transaction slip the PSA staff gave you after you finished your biometrics entry when you registered for your national ID. 

1. On your mobile or computer browser, go to the ePhilID Appointment System website.

2. Read and agree to the Privacy Notice. Take note of the reminders below the notice as these are important in claiming your ePhilID. Tick the check box and tap Next

3. The page will reload and will ask for your 29-digit Transaction Reference Number (TRN). Enter the series of numbers and click Verify. The page will then show if your ePhilID is ready for claiming. Click Next and follow the prompts. The page will then show if your ePhilID is ready for claiming. Click Next and follow the prompts.

4. Pick your preferred PSA location to claim your ePhilID. Just enter your location/city and the page will show the PSA office locations near or within your area. After you have decided, click Next to reload the page.

UPDATE: Please verify if the PSA office that you will assign as your claim office for your ePhilID exists. The PSA system generated at least 5 location choices when I was setting my ePhilID appointment. I chose the closest one to my residence and guess what? The building, office, and address do not exist! I have to commute to another PSA office and claim my ePhilID as a walk-in applicant!

5. Provide your details, such as your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, e-mail address and mobile number.  Make sure that the email address and mobile number that you will provide are active, as a verification OTP will be sent to both.

6. Check your email account or mobile phone for the Verification OTP. The messages will come from “PSA” for mobile SMS and “ePhilID Appointment <>” for email. Enter the 6-digit OTP and click Verify.

7. A calendar will load on the next page. The days highlighted in blue are the ones that are still open and have available slots. the “In Percentage” indicates the availability of slots. Choose the day you want to claim your ePhilID. Click Next.

8. Verify the details you fill in for your appointment. Click Confirm. The bottom of the page will load and provide you with your appointment code.

Click Next to display your appointment form/slip. Print this form and present it to the PHLSYS office on the day of your appointment. You will receive the same appointment slip via email.

Can I reschedule my ePhilID appointment?

Yes. Wait for the confirmation email that PSA will send you. There will be a link that will allow you to reschedule. You will be redirected back to the PHLSYS appointment calendar and then you can change your schedule. 

What do I need to bring to claim my ePhilID?

Bring the ePhilID appointment slip and the Transaction Slip (the form that was issued when you had your biometrics taken). The PSA staff will need your 29-digit TRN to be able to verify your details. I had my appointment slip printed out, but I think the PSA staff would not mind if you just present the pdf version of the appointment slip through your mobile phone (the pdf will be sent to your email). They returned the printed appointment slip to me anyway. 

I realized upon returning home that the PSA staff took the Transaction Slip when I received the ePhilID. I called PSA hotline to confirm if this is the SOP for claiming the ePhilID (remember we are advised to keep the transaction slip because it will be asked from us by the PHLPOST courier to claim our National ID), and the CSR said yes. The ePhilID is temporary, so once the National ID is delivered, we have to present and surrender the ePhilID to the PHLPOST courier to get the National ID. I am kind of worried about this part because “surrendering” the ePhilID as it is will compromise our personal data. I mean, really? Giving a courier a bare piece of document, with all of the most personal information about ourselves out in the open? Handing out your details exposed? That, I do not agree with.

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