How to Pay For PAG-IBIG MP2 Savings through the GCash app [2019]

A no-hassle way to pay for your MP2 savings is through the use of Globe’s Gcash app. The Gcash app is a smartphone-based, cashless way of paying for your bills and purchases. Luckily, the Gcash app also accepts payments for various government services and these include PAG-IBIG’s Modified PAG-IBIG II Savings or MP2.

How to use the Gcash app to pay for your Modified PAG-IBIG II Savings (MP2)? Follow the steps below.

1. Make sure that your mobile phone number is registered for a Gcash account and you have the Gcash app on your smartphone. Log in to your Gcash account.

2. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your Gcash account. You can cash in a minimum of Php500.00 and a maximum of Php40,000.00.

3. Tap on “Pay Bills” and select “Government” on the newly loaded page.

4. Select “PAG-IBIG”. The heart icon opposite the text means you can set it for easy access the next time you log in to Gcash and pay for your MP2 Savings.

5. Tap on the drop-down arrow and select “Modified PAG-IBIG II Savings”. Fill in all the details requested. Make sure that the account number you key in is the MP2 account number (savings), not the PAG-IBIG 1 account number (contribution).  Once done, tap “Next”.

NOTE 02/07/2019: I was informed in one of the PAG-IBIG satellite offices that you can only deposit a maximum of Php500 (per transaction) through Gcash for MP2. 

6. Check if all the details you entered are correct. Tap “Confirm” to proceed.

7. You will be provided an e-receipt of your transaction. If you have entered your email address prior to finishing the transaction, the same will be sent to your email account. You will also receive a confirmation message through text message.

And you are done!

*Please note that using the Gcash app to pay for your Modified PAG-IBIG II Savings or MP2 requires a Php5.00 service charge on top of the amount you wish to pay for your MP2 Savings (i.e. you deposited Php500.00, Gcash will deduct Php505.00 from your Gcash fund.)

Learn more about other modes of payments for the PAG-IBIG MP2 Savings.

20 thoughts on “How to Pay For PAG-IBIG MP2 Savings through the GCash app [2019]

  1. Hello. Go to PAG-IBIG and check your MP2 number. Magkaiba po yung MP2# sa HMDF number kaya lumilitaw yung error na yan. Ganyan din unang lumitaw sa akin hehe

  2. Hi, there!

    If you are using Gcash, nasa Transaction history yan. I suggest you enter your email address as well when making a deposit para a copy of your receipt/transaction can be emailed to you. This way you have documentation of all the MP2 cash in that you have made.

    You may also check your MP2 contributions via the Virtual Pag-ibig website. Naka-record po dun yung latest deposit made. 🙂

    Hope this helps.

  3. how much po maximum amount na pde bayaran sa MP2 thru G Cash? May idea po ba kayo if magkano ang fees? pag po ba tumataas ang amount, tumataas din ang fees?

  4. It doesn't work. The result in the screen is " Oops! The reference ID provided is is not valid with the provided paytype or vice versa (RC007) (Code BCC3-422)

  5. What if po you want to pay for a period of 12 months? What would you put in the amount? Yung total amount na babayaran po or yung monthly?

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