How to Pay for MP2 Savings (Modified PAG-IBIG II) via Globe Gcash

  1. On your smartphone, dial *143#.
  2. Key in “9” (GCash) in the box at the bottom of the menu. Press Send.
  3. A new menu will appear. Key in “5” (Pay Bills) in the box at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Choose 2. Key in “2” (By Category) in the box. Once the menu changes, key in “4” (Government) at the bottom box. Hit Send.
  5. You are paying for MP2, so you must key in “4” in the box below.
  6. Enter the amount you want to deposit. (Minimum is Php500.00) Key in “1” in the box to proceed and finish the rest of the transaction.
  7. The succeeding boxes will as for your Gcash 4-digit PIN, MP2 account number and month/s covered by your deposit.
  8. Confirm the details you input and enter “1” in the box to continue the transaction. There will be an additional charge of Php5.00 for the GCash service.
  9. Apparently, your total deposit will be divided by the number of months you input in the month coverage. So if I decided to deposit Php1000 for January to February 2017, each month will have Php500 each?
  10. *Once payment details are accomplished, a Transaction Summary will be displayed reflecting the program type and amount.

You will be asked to confirm the amount, type of transaction and PRN to complete the transaction.

Upon confirmation, you will receive an acknowledgment indicating the following details:

– Amount sent

-Date of transaction

-PRN (Payment Reference Number)

-New GCash Balance

*From Guide on PAG-IBIG Payment Facilities.

02/01/2017 EDIT: I have a pending inquiry/clarification regarding the MP2 payment method with PAG-IBIG CSR. I will update this blog or correct what’s necessary when I get their response. For now, this blog entry is subject to multiple revisions until we’ve reached a resolution to the issue. 🙂

02/04/2017 EDIT: As written previously in this blog, I used the online payment facility of PAG-IBIG to pay for my monthly savings. Unfortunately, when I confirmed to them the status of my MP2, all savings that I deposited since I started on October did not reflect on the MP2, but instead on the PAG-IBIG I (the monthly mandatory contribution). Thus, I emailed a dispute regarding the matter and requested to have the deposited amount from October 2016 to January 2017 be transferred to my MP2 account.

I have yet to hear from them. I hope they respond and take action. During the last conversation I had with a PAG-IBIG CSR, I was advised to use Gcash instead to deposit for my MP2 savings. I do not intend to do it yet until this issue with my previous deposits be resolved. 🙂

02/07/2017 EDIT: Commenter Wilson Polancos suggests that for new applicants, it’s is better to [register and] make your first deposit by going to a PAG-IBIG branch. For those who have previous deposits posted on their PAG-IBIG I instead of MP2, it’s also suggested to visit a PAG-IBIG branch, fill out and submit a transfer form.

04/24/2017 EDIT: I’m giving up. Four emails, Four months long to get a response, and the responses led to not resolving the issue. Pffft.

05/25/2017 EDIT: I sent an email to the Ortigas branch where my HDMF is registered. I did not receive a reply. Thus, I followed it up with two phone calls (I can’t remember if both within the week or consecutive calls, but I did call). The first one was to address the concern, the second one since I think they did not really do anything about it, was to repeat the request again.

07/13/2017 EDIT: I called PAG-IBIG once more and until now the Php2000 worth I requested to be transferred to my MP2 has not been addressed. I called them a couple of times before this latest update. Smh.

08/16/2017 EDIT: Read my latest blog post about my pending (but now resolved) issue about my MP2 Savings

2 thoughts on “How to Pay for MP2 Savings (Modified PAG-IBIG II) via Globe Gcash

  1. Hi, there!

    Yes, this is possible. I started at Php500 every month back then. Pero nakaka-miss ako ng ilang months na hindi ako nakakapaghulog, so ang ginagawa ko, may times na naghuhulog ako ng Php1000, Php1500 kapag nakaluwag-luwag.

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