How to Link Your Paymaya Card to Paypal

For freelancers, having a debit bank account and Paypal account is necessary. Most freelancers resort to savings accounts applied at banks of their choice to get a VISA- or MasterCard enabled debit card. But, since technology is ever-evolving and applying for a bank account with ATM card is a hassle, options like Paymaya and GCash cards are welcome options for the demand of a debit card.

With no further ado, let me teach you how to link your Paymaya card to your Paypal account. 

1. Make sure you have a Paymaya card and it is loaded up with at least 200 pesos.

2. Make sure you have an active Paypal account.

3. Log in to your Paypal account. go to WALLET.

See those two categories there? Paymaya falls under the credit card category. Click LINK A CARD.

4. Input the following very carefully:

  • Card Type
  • Card Number
  • Card Expiration Date
  • 3-digit CSC
  • Address

5. Once you have done that your card will be saved on the Linked Card list on your Paypal account. But you still have to confirm and complete the process.

6. Check your mobile phone. A notification text message will be sent that your Paymaya account was debited of around 50pesos (I don’t know how they compute this) for the process. And then another text message will be sent informing you that 100 pesos was again debited from your Paymaya wallet.

7. Take note of the second text message you will receive. Do you see the PP*XXXXCODE there? Get the four digits and return to your Paypal account.

Click on the Notification Icon (Bell). A message asking you to confirm and link your card will be there. Click it. A new page will appear, like the one below. Enter the four digits from the text message to the small box below and click SUBMIT.

8. After that, the page will load and your Paymaya card is now confirmed and linked to your Paypal account!

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