How to Link a Payoneer Account to Gcash

If you are a Filipino freelancer, one of the convenient ways to receive payments for projects and tasks done is through Payoneer. 

Why Link your Payoneer Account to Gcash?

One advantage of linking your Payoneer account to Gcash is that it allows you to withdraw Payoneer balances as low as Php500. This is convenient especially if the payment you received did not reach the minimum withdrawal limit if you try to withdraw using the Payoneer app. Withdrawal is also FREE of charge, so there is no additional cost to you. Your funds will be received in real-time and in Philippine peso (PHP) currency.

How do I Link My Payoneer Account to Gcash?

If you have a Payoneer account that is already approved, there are two ways you can link you account to your Gcash app. Follow the steps below:

Option #1

1. Log in to your Gcash app.

2. Tap Cash In and look for the Payoneer icon.

3. On the Payoneer log-in page, type in the email address and password you used to sign up for a Payoneer account. Tap Sign in.

4. An SMS of a six-digit code will be sent to the registered phone number connected to your Payoneer account. Enter it in the space provided and click Submit.

5. Click Allow to give Gcash the permission to access your Payoneer account.

6. The page will refresh to inform you that you have connected your Payoneer account to your Gcash account.

7. Wait for a while for a text message confirming that you have linked your Payoneer account to your Gcash account successfully.

Option #2

  1. Tap the Profile icon. 
  2. Go to My Linked Accounts.
  3. Choose Payoneer.
  4. Follow Steps 3 to 7 from the above instruction. 

Congratulations! You can now withdraw your Payoneer funds to your Gcash account!

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