How to get a PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate through PSA Serbilis website

The eCensus (now called PSA Serbilis) is the Philippine Statistics Authority’s web portal that primarily offers online assistance on requests on copies of important registered documents, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, and death certificate.

Similar to the online order processing at the PSAHelpline, eCensus/PSA Serbilis requires filling out of important personal details by the owner of the requested documents.

1. Go to the PSA Serbilis website. The link that redirects you to the order fill out process is at the middle.

2. Accept the terms and conditions.

3. Fill in the contact and delivery information. Confirm that all details are correct.

4. The page will reload to the Request Summary page. Click on the “+ Birth Certificate” label. A question about pending changes or obtaining an annotated copy will be asked. If the answer is NO for both, you can proceed to the order request.

5. Start filling in details about your requested certificate. Confirm that all information provided is correct.

6. Your request will be added to the Request Summary page, Should you need to add more requests, you may do so. Otherwise, click Submit.

7. Once confirmed, an acknowledgment page will load indicating your order summary and the Batch Number request. Print two copies of this page. One copy is for you, and the other is for the bank where you will pay for the certificate order. At the sidebar, a further instruction about payment for the order must be followed. Otherwise, your request will not be processed. Only until payment that PSA will start processing your request order.

The PSA birth certificate order from PSA Serbilis or Philippine Statistics Authority costs P330.00*. The document will be delivered within two to three days from the day the payment has been made (I got mine a day after).

*updated March 9, 2019

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