How to fix LOS issue on your PLDT Fibr modem

Your home internet works perfectly well… and then it does not. A red blinking light suddenly lights up on your modem, particularly on the LOS indicator. 

If you are a PLDT subscriber and have encountered a Loss of Signal (LOS) issue on your modem, this blog might help you understand this problem. I can’t explain things in technical terms, but I hope this kind of shed light as to why LOS issues happen. 

What does LOS mean?

LOS or loss of signal is an interruption to your internet connection caused by multiple factors. When this happens, connecting to the internet is not possible either via LAN cable or WiFi connection.  

Why does LOS happen?

LOS usually happens because of the following:

  1. The network cable has been moved.
  2. The network cable has been damaged.
  3. A network issue or maintenance has been performed from the provider’s (PLDT) end.

How to fix LOS on your PLDT Fibr modem?

  1. Perform a power cycle by turning off the modem for 5 minutes and turning it back on. Check to see if the red blinking light on LOS disappears.
  2. Check if the Fibr optic cable (the wire that connects the modem to the inner optic outlet) is properly attached to both ends (to the modem and to the optic outlet).
  3. Check the cable if there are damages or cuts. The cable that connects your PLDT Fibr to one of the electric posts outside your house may have been cut. Usually, a red light will appear from the cut if you have a Fibr connection.
  4. If all else fails, contact PLDT. You may do so by calling the 171 hotline or by sending PLDT messages via their social media pages. 

I have encountered this LOS issue around four or five times already, the worst one happened 3 years ago which rendered me for roughly 4 days without an internet connection, while the most recent one lasted for around 3 to 4 hours.

8 thoughts on “How to fix LOS issue on your PLDT Fibr modem

  1. Ngayon araw po nakaranas po kame ng LOS nqgbiblink po ng Red and tinatry ko na po ioff ang modem ng 5 mins pero wala nagbiblink padin ng red at nireset ko na wala ganun parin nagbiblink padin ng red hindi ko naman matignan yung wire sa labas kung may naputol or at kasi nasa taas ng bubong .

  2. Paano po gagawin kapag wala light sa LOS PLDT fibr po kami nawalan lang po kasi ng kuryente at nawala rin net pero may dail tone pa non nung tumagal nawala rin yung dial tone tumawag na kami sa 171 at nag file na rin ng report sa office ang sabi nila na reset na nila net namin at 3-5 days daw dararating yung technician may troubleshoot po ba kayo kapag wala ilaw ang LOS? nagawa ko na po yung power cyle and resetting the pldt router still wala parin thank you po sa answers.

  3. Hi, Molsai.

    I suggest you keep on contacting PLDT. I experienced this issue again just recently and it took one week before they were able to visit the house and check the wirings. I constantly contacted them everyday back then (especially on Twitter as their CSR seems to be active there more than Facebook) and by Saturday I had my internet connection back and running normally.

  4. I have this LOS red light blinking since Sept 25, at until now Oct 1,2020. At first i was thinking it was due to the said international emergency repair but after reading those promises they posted that there is no interruptions on our connections and after rrading thier updates that the repair was done a day ahead of the time it was scheduled i started already wonder and worry was was really wrong..i did not sleep the whole night just to reasearch and read online just find out how am gonna make my connection come backs since i already reach pldt via messenger,email and 171 few days ago..and now to find this i also check my wiring inside the house i didnt see any cuts ionly hope dor me is for them to call me or contact me to help me this because a lot of things has already been stopped i cannot do anything and my kids rely on internet most of the things they do…i feel sort of dissapoinment now,really..

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