How to change PIN for Paymaya card

I rarely use my Paymaya card to withdraw money from ATMs. However, recently, I decided to encash a small amount from the cash in my Paymaya wallet. I was already at the ATM when I realized that I don’t know the PIN/password of my Paymaya card as a savings card. 

I planned to call Paymaya to inquire what to do when this happens, however, I was able to help myself using the Paymaya app on my phone.

To change the PIN of your Paymaya card, follow these steps:

  • Open the Paymaya app on your phone.
  • Select MY CARDS.
  • Choose SETTINGS beside the Paymaya VISA CARD 1.
  • Enter and confirm a new PIN.

And you are done! You can withdraw money from your Paymaya wallet card to ATMs that accept VISA, VISA Plus, and Bancnet cards. The service charge is Php15.

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