How to Change Membership Type for SSS, Philhealth and PAG-IBIG

Are you switching from corporate employed to self-employed and want to continue paying for the government benefits under SSS, Pag-IBIG and Philhealth? Here’s your simple guide to updating your records or membership type under these government agencies.

Social Security System (SSS)

(EDIT: In the first publication of this blog, I mentioned that there is no paperwork required to change membership type in SSS, as one can just continue paying and the membership type will automatically change on the database. This is based on the advice I was given by an SSS staff when I visited the SSS branch near me. I followed the instruction, hence my current membership status is “VOLUNTARY”. However, I found a webinar by SSS that says otherwise.** Freelancers fall under the Compulsory Self-Employed category, which makes them eligible for additional benefits. Please watch the webinar as it discussed benefits and contributions as a self-employed.)

If you resigned from your job and decided to continue paying the premiums, you must update your membership status to Self-Employed by filing a Member Data Change Request to an SSS branch near you. 

**I found the webinar from a previous Youtube upload by SSS. I have filled out the MDCR and will submit it to an SSS branch so that my membership status can be changed from Voluntary to Self-Employed.

Download the Member Data Change Request Form by SSS.

However, the change request to Self-Employed status is subject to approval. I was advised to follow up after thirty (30) days for the update.


To change your membership type in PAG-IBIG, you have to fill out a Member’s Change of Information Form (MCIF) and file a request in a PAG-IBIG branch near you. 

Fill out and sign the form, and prepare one government ID (other government ID is accepted, except TIN and PhilHealth IDs). Present both to the PAG-IBIG Branch.

You may check if the membership type change has taken effect. If you have a Virtual PAG-IBIG account, log in and see the category type if it has been updated.***

***I suggest doing this because I think there is a lapse in PAG-IBIG’s system. I filed mine around 2-3 weeks before I noticed that my record in Virtual PAG-IBIG has not been updated and the premiums I paid as a freelancer were counted under my previous employer’s share of contribution. I reported it to PAG-IBIG and they fixed it. 

Download the Member’s Change of Information Form (MCIF) by PAG-IBIG Fund.

To change your membership status for Philhealth, you must fill out and submit a Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) (tick the “UPDATING/AMENDMENT” box under PURPOSE) to a Philhealth branch. 

Download Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) by Philhealth.

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