How to assemble SJCAM4000 WiFi Strap Mount

After writing about how to assemble the SJCAM4000 WiFi’s helmet mount and bicycle mounts in other blog posts. Let me show you another SJCAM4000 WiFi accessory that needs a bit of process before being used. This one is easy, though. It’s a remove-insert-lock process, actually.

What You Need

  • the SJCAM action camera
  • the clip (or the protective case with side slits)
  • the straps.

What to Do

  • Get the clip cover/mount and remove the clip from the back. Just pinch the two sides and push it out lightly. 
  • Insert the straps into the thin slits on the sides. The straps are quite short so you need to use both.
  • The strap can also be used with the clear protective case with the back cover with slits.

Tada! But this SJCAM4000 WiFi Strap mount is more advisable when you are using the action cam in the protective case with slits. The camera gets pushed out of the clip mount since a part of the strap ends on the inside of the clip at the back. 

You may need better strap supports though. Some other forms of strap mounts for the SJCAM are available online and on the SJCAM website.

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