How to assemble SJCAM4000 WiFi Helmet Mount

When I go out, I notice that a lot of motorcyclists use action camera on their vehicles and helmets. I featured a tutorial on assembling a bicycle mount on another post, and in this blog post, I’ll show how a helmet mount for SJCAM4000 WiFi is assembled. There are a lot of alternative helmet mounts which are easier to use advertised in the market, but I am going to use the basic inclusive accessories of the SJCAM4000 WiFi package. 

I consider this second of the hardest to figure assemblage of an action camera mount. For someone who is not familiar with this minute device, despite Google being available, I still had a hard time following the instructions. 

What You Need

1) SJCAM4000 in a protective case;

2) one helmet base;

3)  long and short connectors;

4) base lockable to the helmet base;

5)  three tensioners.

What to Do

  • Connect the short and long connectors using the tensioners to the end of the protective case. I suggest attaching the short connector first and the long connector. tilt the long connector to the side so it will allow the SJCAM to be attached to the side of the helmet.
  • Screw in the basic base to the helmet base. Push in the basic base to the helmet base. From the end of the second connector, connect the helmet base.
  • Remove the adhesive cover at the bottom of the helmet base and attach it to the helmet. (Helmet is not available at the time I wrote this so the refrigerator’s surface is my sample. Hehe.)

Another version is connecting the camera (still in the clear protective case) directly to the helmet base. This will allow the camera to be attached to the top of the helmet.

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