How to assemble SJCAM4000 WiFi Bicycle Mount

Out of boredom, I decided to tinker with the mounts and accessories of my SJCAM4000 WiFi. Since getting it earlier this year, and I know this is not the latest model, I have yet to use it out on a trip. Well, I kind of get the basics of the camera already, however, I do not know how to assemble and use the mounts and other accessories. The protective frames and covers are no-brainer, of course.

I see bikers when I go out of the house with their action cameras attached to their bicycles or motorcycles when I go out o the house, but I do not have any idea how to assemble and attach such.

So, I check out over the internet the how-tos for these accessories, but it was not easy looking for tutorials and instructional articles.

Here’s my effort to break and build these accessories though. :p A self-help for myself and for others who needs a how-to instructional as well.

You need the following:

  • the SJCAM action camera
  • protective case
  • short switch connector
  • short tensioner
  • long tensioner
  • bicycle mount

What to Do

  1. Connect the short connector to the base of the protective frame of the frame. use the short tensioner.
  2. Connect the bicycle mount, using the long tensioner to the end of the short connector.
  3. Loosen the tensioners on the screws of the bicycle mount so you can insert the mount on the hand bars of your bicycle. Make sure you have the rubber around the center hole of the mount which acts as the tightener and protector of the plastic part of the mount against the friction of the bar to the mount.

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