How to Apply for an EastWest Bank Visa Debit Card

Since I left my office job, I chose to do home-based jobs for the meantime while I wait for a “You’re hired” call from any of the companies I applied for. I checked several job portals that advertise online/home-based jobs. Luckily, I found some that match my previous work experiences.

Since most of the home-based jobs advertised are from abroad (particularly US), a Filipino worker must established a Paypal account (where the employer will deposit the payment for the accomplished task) and a debit card/credit card (to be used to verify and link a Paypal account to a bank account and enables the transfer of payment and withdraw the money from Paypal). Before applying for a savings account in any major banks, I do a bit of research first. I don’t have a bank account or a debit card, so I checked for reviews about debit cards offered by the popular banks in the Metro. It is mostly recommended to use UNIONBANK’s EON Card, but since a UNIONBANK branch is too far from my house, I chose to apply for a debit card at EASTWEST BANK. EastWest Bank’s Visa Debit card got some positive reviews so it is my second top choice for a debit card.

Now, how can you apply for an EastWest Bank’s VISA Debit Card? Check the process below.

1. Prepare necessary documents and copies of it. Primary IDs such as the passport, driver’s license, UMID/SSS ID are the main IDs asked by the bank officer. So, if you have those, better use it as valid IDs. They are very strict when it comes to identifications cards/documents, especially those that are only plastic laminated and not PVC-type as it can be easily forged. I had a hard time actually, and it took me three trips to the bank before I was accepted. I don’t have a passport and UMID yet so I presented at least 5 secondary IDs (including a barangay certificate/clearance) but none of those were accepted in my first two attempts to apply for a debit card. Only when

I reported such incident to EWB’s customer service that they talked it out with the branch manager and allowed/accepted my presented documents a day after.

Also, bring proof of billing (under your name) as this is also asked. If such is not available (because you are renting the house, you are not the owner, etc.), make sure to ask your tenant or whoever the bill is named to sign a letter/proof of tenancy. Bring his valid ID to the bank as well.

Note: Have ALL these documents/IDs copied (read: photocopied/Xerox) before you go to the bank. Your IDs should bear the same home addresses. This is important because this will be the address used by the bank to send you letters and the like by snail mail.

2. Once you have brought the requirements to the nearest EWB branch from your home, you will be asked to sign some documents for bank record purposes. This is easy, just make sure that you will only provide truthful information about yourself, okay?

3. Since it’s an EASTWEST BANK VISA DEBIT CARD, it requires an initial deposit of Php 100.00. Just hand the officer your initial deposited amount and he’ll take care of it to the teller. You will receive a carbon copy of the deposit slip as proof that your money was deposited to the account. (Tip: Deposit at least Php 200 or more since you will need the extra Php 100.00 for Paypal verification. Also, you may want to keep your deposit slip receipt as your account number contains it.)

4. You have to wait for 2-3 working days to claim your card. Tip: If your bank branch is a jeep away from your house, better call the bank first and inquire if the debit card is ready before going to the branch to claim the card. There are times that the card hasn’t arrived yet, despite the 2-3 working days waiting period. Just like mine.

5. You will be handed THE envelope that contains your EWB VISA Debit card! Hooray! You will be asked to sign the back of the card and keep the PIN code that you will use to activate the card. A receipt document will also be asked to be filled out and signed as proof that you personally got the card. I was advised to wait for at least two hours (from the time I received the card) before I activate it. Change the PIN code of the debit card immediately upon activation.

The application of the EASTWEST BANK’S VISA DEBIT CARD ends here. But before you leave the branch, might as well ask the bank officer if you can also apply for the NetAccess (their version of mobile banking) so you would be able to track your account transactions. I was not offered this when I applied for the debit card, but with some tinkering on EastWest Bank’s website and a bit of research, I was able to have my NetAccess activated.

Hope this helps for those who are interested to use EastWest Bank’s Visa Debit Card. Further posts for the NetAccess application and Paypal verification will be posted sometime soon.


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