Exchanging My Centavo Coins in Robinsons Supermarket

I came across a Facebook post about malls encouraging people to have their centavo and peso coins exchanged for bills. These coins are the one-peso coins, 10-centavo coins, and 5-centavo coins. I guess this is the malls’ way of getting enough supply of coins to be used for change to customers doing their grocery shopping in the supermarkets. I understand the need for that since it is very rare that product prices are marked at an exact amount in shops like in the malls.

Also, it is good that malls have this kind of coin campaign, so we can get Philippine coins back in the trade circulation (hirap ako mag-English besh, sorry).

I have a stash of 5-centavo, 10-centavo and 25-centavo coins at home. At first I hesitated to bring my coins as I thought they would not reach the minimum required amount to be exchanged (mahina ako sa math eh). But after recounting the coins and totalling the value of each, I decided to give it a go.

I went to Robinsons Galleria’s Supermarket and asked at the customer service section where I can have my coins exchanged. Luckily they do at that exact section.

I first let them know how much I have by providing a mini list. Then I showed them the coins. I have it packed, organized and marked separately already, but of course they will also recount it on their end, which is fine. I gave them the list, the coins and have them check it.

Just a tip though: Make sure that your coins are not rusty or dark in color as they may reject this kind. They returned me a couple of coins.

After counting it and determining the total value, the supermarket staff told me that my coins are worth Php46 (If not for the rusty ones, I might have had Php55, as I previously computed). She left for a while and get the Php46 pesos for me.

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