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The Bank of The Philippine Islands’ (BPI) sponsored advertisement of their My ePrepaid Card keeps on showing in my News Feed as if it is a sign that I must get one! And so I did. Hehe. I already have a savings account at another bank, but due to curiosity, I gave this prepaid card from BPI a shot.

Online application for the My ePrepaid card was no-hassle. Only some basic personal information and in just a few days time, you’d be able to get your ePrepaid card.

  1. If you chanced upon the sponsored advertisement for the My BPI ePrepaid card on Facebook, just click on it and it will redirect you to the online application page. Or you can go directly to BPI Prepaid’s Facebook page and click “Sign Up” to start filling out the online application.
  2. Choose your card color. You get to pick either the Azure or the Indigo. Then fill out the basic information being asked for Step 1 such as your Name and birth date. Click “Next” afterward.
  3. The next page will require you to fill out some additional personal information, such as your home address, email address and the maiden name of your mother. Be sure to input a legitimate and active email address as the final step will involve an email from BPI.
  4. You get to pick which BPI branch you’d like to claim your My ePrepaid card. If you are not sure about the branch name or do not know the branch code, just click on the Branch Locator link and it will list down all the BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank all over the country. Mark the three checkboxes below particularly boxes #1 and #3 and click “Submit” once you are done.
  5. Log on to the email address that you input in the online application form. You must have received an email confirmation from BPI. In this confirmation, you will also be briefed about the next steps to make in order to get your My ePrepaid MasterCard. You also need to reply to the email with the information requested.
  6. A text message from BPI will be sent to you informing that your card is ready for pick up at the branch of your choice. Bring you confirmation letter, at least two valid IDs and  500pesos (actually they just asked me for Php350) for the card payment.

I got mine just two days ago. And unlike the typical debit card, this card does not require activation or a PIN. The teller mentioned that it will take 24hours before I can load it with funds, so I waited until the next day to do so. I brought the card to a BPI Cash Acceptance machine (CAM), and although I have read the steps on how to manage and load funds to the card, I asked two friends to help me out since I have not tried depositing money via a CAM. I loaded it with 500 pesos. I don’t have a direct BPI savings account nor an online/mobile BPI account to check real-time if my fund was already credited to the card. So I just resorted to the balance inquiry option in the BPI website that does not require logging in, etc. Voila! the deposited 500php was already there.

I have not tried using this card yet given that I have not deposited much on it yet, but I might soon.

EDIT 10/13/2017: My ePrepaid card is already expiring this October, but when I went to one BPI branch to renew, the BPI Accounts officer said the MY ePrepaid card is already phased out. I am considering getting the new BPI AMORE VISA Card. 

After all of this, please make sure to print out the email confirmation as you will need to present the document once you go to your preferred branch where you’d get your BPI My ePrepaid card.

To those who are not familiar with how this card works, here are some pointers:

  • The BPI My ePrepaid card is not a credit card. You need to reload it (deposit funds) to be able to use it.
  • It cannot be used in automated teller machines or ATMs. The cash loaded into the ePrepaid card is not withdrawable.
  • Balance inquiry cannot be done through ATMs. To inquire about your card balance, you have three options: 1) via SMS; 2) call their hotline; or 3) go to the BPI website and use the Prepaid Card Balance Inquiry option (make sure you know your card’s number, though).
  • You can link the card to your Paypal as it is a MasterCard-tied bank card, but you cannot withdraw/convert the fund into cash. It will stay there and can only be used for cashless transactions in establishments and/or online shopping that accept MasterCard-powered cards.
  • It can be used to pay for online purchases, or purchases made in stores that accept MasterCard.
  • When using it in restaurants or physical stores, you have to sign the receipt/sales slip afterwards.

For more FAQs about the BPI My ePrepaid Card, you may want to visit the FAQ page for BPI cards. Hope this post helped!

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