EasySoft Shoes with Memory Foam Review

Rainy season might not yet come but I already invested in waterproof footwear as early as now.

I bought a pair of EasySoft shoes again. EasySoft is a brand under World Balance that carries waterproof and flexible footwear for children and adults.  I bought my first pair of EasySoft shoes in 2016, and I must say this type of shoes is durable!

I dropped by a World Balance shop at the mall over the weekend and saw a different model of EasySoft shoes that I have never seen before when I frequent WB to check for new releases.

This pair has foam insoles that provide comfort for flat or curved soles compared to that hard cardboard-like insole of my previous EasySoft pair. I am suffering from plantar fasciitis, and the foam insole, although thin, provides a bit of comfort to the sole of my feet.

I was afraid that like the first pair of EasySoft shoes that I bought, it will also take longer to break this shoe. However, I am surprised that it only took me a week (or maybe just 4 days) before my feet got comfortable with it. With or without socks, the shoes are comfortable and I did not get blisters on my toes at all! Sure thing my ankle did get a bit sore, but only for a few days, yet it did not, in any way, made walking too painful. (I can’t say the same for the other pair of EasySoft shoes that I have. Haha.)

I am currently using this pair of shoes for casual outdoor activities, and I must say, it’s sulit for Php499.75.

The good points:

  • have memory foam insoles
  • wide on the inside that lets your toes rest well and “breathe”
  • waterproof
  • material used (compared to early releases) is less rigid
  • easy to clean
  • durable
  • flexible

EasySoft shoes are available in casual and formal style and are primarily in black color, although nude and white variants are also available.

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